Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Nutrition Materials for Homeschool

2 years ago during my first year of homeschool I discovered on the
website, that they offer a free nutritional theme unit for kids. It was free and so I ordered the kit. It came with a huge poster of the food guide pyramid for kids, worksheets, color pages, a computer game, and a book of lesson plans for teachers to use. We used the theme unit over a one month period and I taught my children all about nutrition. They LOVED it. They kept food journals one week to keep track of how well they were eating. We did a fun game where I drew pictures of different activities such as (running, jumping, riding a bike, ballet dancing, etc.) on index cards. I then played some fun music for the them and held up one of the cards. They had to act out that activity until I switched cards. It was a fun and easy way to get their bodies moving and for them to get exercise on a cold day.
Another thing I did to go along with this theme unit was make up a kids grocery list. I wrote down about 20 items (and drew what the items looked like beside it) and then took each child on their very own shopping trip. I took them to Vitamin Cottage because it is less crowded and they could push their very own child size shopping cart. They loved it! Oh, and I didn't write down any specific brands on the list so they had to decide what was the "healthier" choice (course we were at a health food store, so that was kind of a no brainer). When we returned home they had to categorize their list into all the 5 food groups.
This was probably one of the best lessons we have done as a homeschool. They learned so much, thoroughly enjoyed it and even now 2 YEARS LATER... still tell me which foods are from which food group, ask if certain foods are "healthy" and actually want to eat healthier themselves! I highly recommend trying this out with your, it's free!
I did notice that you can no longer send for the kit but it is still available for download and the kids computer game is on their site. Here is the link:
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Michelle said...

What kind of things were on their list? Did you have any duds? I mean, did you wish you would have not done that? LOL

I'm pretty afraid to let my kids do this...and YET, it works on SO Many levels...but it can be about frugality too.

HappilyDomestic said...

No, it was a real fun time for them and so I had no regrets. I guess because I set out to do that on their shopping trips, I was WAY more patient then if it were a normal shopping trip and they were trying to pick out the food.
On the lists I put what we needed (food wise..not household products), so they were not picking out stuff we didn't need. Does that make sense? But they had to select the brand that they thought was the better choice. There was a lot of different fruits and veggies on there, so that was fun because they had to find them in the store and figure out which was which.
I also forgot to mention in my post that on one of the lessons I had the kids name all the fruits and vegetables they could think of (and I helped) and then we made a list of those and put a check mark by the ones we had not tried before. Then we tried to incorporate those foods in our regular meals that month so they could try them out. They discovered that they really liked kiwi fruit. :-)

Michelle said...

AWesome. just give me the list. LOL

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