Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursdays #2

This weeks assignment is
"Show your Stash"
Here is mine...

*Click on picture to enlarge*
I Heart my Cloth Diapers!

Here is a list of what the stash contains:
  • 13 Haute Pockets
  • 5 Happy Heineys
  • 4 Fuzzi Bunz
  • 3 Smartipants
  • 2 Bum Genius
  • 2 Thirsties covers
  • 1 SwaddleBees

NEXT WEEK : How to make easy pop up wipes... for CHEAP!

FOR THE REST OF YOU : Post about what wipe system you use. Maybe you have sewn your own wipes or have a good wipe solution recipe to share.
Don't worry if you use regular store bought wipes, you can still join us to any of your previous cloth diaper posts you have written or maybe you saw a great cloth diaper giveaway you want to link us to. It will be somewhat of a free for all day.

*Please remember to use my "FTT" banner when participating in the actual assignment.* The banner with code can be found at the very bottom of my blog. Also, don't forget to leave the link to your post so that we can all visit and see.

Instructions for Fluff Talk Thursdays, click here.

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Andrea said...

That is quite the stash!! I only have 13 total but lasts me two full days so I'm resisting the urge to get more! I just wanted you to know I posted my blog post on my phone so I didn't use your banner. I'm in the middle of moving so once I get my computer unpacked I'll put it up!

Annie said...

Wow - I love your picture! I wish I was a more creative photographer...your pic puts mine to shame LOL :)

Love your stash - pockets and AIOs are the best! I'm more of a prefolds/fitteds girl myself

HappilyDomestic said...

Andrea- No problem! Glad you could still participate, despite the move. :-)

Annie- Thanks! It took me a little bit to think of what I wanted to do for the picture. I don't recommend sitting at the top of a extension ladder when you are 7 months pregnant though! That was scary.
The things I'll do for a good picture. :-)
I asked my husband if he was ready to check me into a loony bin yet! Haha.

Chari said...

What a creative picture!

OK, I'll do my post this afternoon when I get home from work. Hmmm, do I need to pull down my smaller diapers too or just the ones he is in wearing right now?

HappilyDomestic said...

It is up to you. I had a few small ones in my shed and just left them there. But, most of my stash is OS pockets, so not much got left out.

Glad you liked my picture. :-)

MaryAnne said...

This picture is great - and I love all the colors in your stash!

Chari said...

Btw, I'm jealous of the variety of colors! I get tired of the same colors!

I'm working on my post!

janelle said...

Holy Moses that's a lot of CD's!!! My wipe system is currently waiting to be tested... I can't wait to wipe poop off what's going to be the cutest bum ever!!! I actually just barely (like one second ago) finished sewing my wipes. One side is terry and the other is flannel. It's stitched and turned, then topstitched. I also put an X down the middles so everything stays intact.

Heather M said...

Here's My Stash!! I have 59 diapers total! But we no longer can use them at Night, because of Ammonia issues and sleeping 13-14 hours at night. So we're about to sell most of our PUL pockets!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I couldnt get the photo.. Im sooo dissapointed!! How in the world do you take a photo with your whole stash?? I never have them all washed and dry at the same time!
I guess Im going to be THAT participant that is always late and will try to get the post up at some point before next Thursday.

HappilyDomestic said...

Momto3LittleFlowers~ LOL. Well, half of mine were clean, the other half I washed that day and while I waited I put my baby in disposables. :-)
That's okay about the late entry...better late than never!

Chelsea said...

i have been using my cloth wipes for several months now. I actually have ones that are for face/hands and others for butts! I dont like the thought of the same wipe that i wiped their poop off with wiping their faces with (when clean, of course!) so i just cut flannel receiving blankets so they fold in half and fit perfect in the wipes containers. then my butt wipes are the same size and material, just double thick. They are old used blankets so the wipes are really soft! For my solution I just use a couple squirts of baby oil and baby wash for every cup of water. its super easy and works great

momof3munchkins said...

What a cute pic! Sorry I missed last week, we were on vacation. If I manage to get unpacked and caught up with my overflowing garden, I will try to get a post up this week about my wipes and include a picture of my stash. I'm not sure if a vacation with little kids in the middle of harvest time can really be considered vacation, it's a lot of work!

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