Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gratituesday #3

Today I am grateful for great deals!
Look what I snatched up at Goodwill....

We stopped by Goodwill to drop off some donations and as we were dropping off our stuff I spotted a man unloading a real nice dresser and play kitchen. As we drove past the truck I begged my husband to turn back so that we could see if we could buy them. I have been checking craigslist for a tall, narrow, dresser for our baby for a couple months with no luck. Also, my daughter's last play kitchen fell apart. Since we got rid of it, she has been begging me to buy her a new one. She dreams over kitchens in catalogs all the time.

I couldn't believe our luck! What a blessing to find 2 items we have been looking for at once.
We had to have the manager come out and price them for us. She first said 100 dollars for both..and I said NO. Then she said 75...I again shook my head NO. Finally she says, "Okay, 50 dollars ..but no less." I could do that...even though I was using part of our grocery money!
I couldn't possibly pass up this deal! Here is some pictures of our great finds...

*Click on Pictures to enlarge*

The Kitchen
It came with all this great stuff too!
It is in EXCELLENT condition...as were the accessories.
My daughter paid for it herself. She had 10 dollars saved up from chores

So happy!
Finally! A new kitchen to play with.

My 9 year old son joining in on the fun.
He's way too big for it...but still thinks it's super cool.

Playing with Grace
I saw this later and couldn't resist taking a picture.

The Dresser
It is solid wood, Bassett brand
and in EXCELLENT condition.

Side View
I love the detail on the side.

It really made my day to find these. It was a day of good bargains!

Have you snagged any great thrift store or yard sale finds?
Blog about it and leave your link in the Linky box.
I would love to see what you found.

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megdickey said...

That's fabulous! I love it when we're blessed with those perfect opportunities!

Casey said...

Wow, what a great deal! Stopping by through Gratituesday by the way! There is no way you could have passed those up, they look brand new and wow they are perfect. Congrats

Jessie Geroux said...

wow you REALLY got a great deal on both of those they looks great for $25 a piece! Way to go :-)

Sheri said...

Oh my goodness! What a steal!!! I thought I did good this weekend at salvation army but your's wins. I got a step 2 table and chairs, a dora tricycle, a sit and spin, and movies all for 17.00. I caught them coming out on the cart.LOL

MaryAnne said...

Wow, those are some fantastic finds! I linked up to an old post about some yard sale finds; I love thrift shops and yard sales :)

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