Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gratituesday #5

Today I am grateful for:

Our Garden

We use to plant a garden every year but haven't in a couple years.
We have missed the fresh off the vine tomatoes, the homemade pickles I would make
and just tending to a garden in general.
There is something very uplifting and satisfying about growing your own fruits and vegetables. We enjoy the togetherness it brings as we plant as a family.
I love to watch the excitement in our childrens eyes as they watch for each new sign of growth. They love to take care of the garden and are so happy when there is a new vegetable they can pick. It is fun to see them get excited over eating their veggies!

Here is a list of what we have in our garden this year:

14 Strawberry plants

We have two hanging baskets of strawberries and my husband built me a raised bed to plant the others in.
2 Sweet white onion plants
3 Zucchini squash plants
4 Caribbean red hot pepper plants
1 Red beauty sweet pepper plants
2 Lemon cucumber plants
6 Anaheim chili hot pepper plants
6 Supersweet cherry tomato plants
6 Fantastic tomato plants
6 Early goliath tomato plants
1 Burpless cucumber plant
4 Bush pickle cucumber plants
1 Jalapeno pepper plant
1 Green bell pepper plant
1 watermelon plant

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Carrie said...

For various reasons, I have not been able to have a garden. I am very excited that next year we just may be able to start one! I would love to sit and shell peas, or make homemade salsa and pickles!

Emily said...

Sounds wonderful. I forsee lots of canning in your future.

Keli said...

we did our first garden this year and i LOVE it. we started off pretty small and i convinced my hubby to expand the length of the wall in the back. hopefully next year it'll be bigger. like you said, there's nothing like veggies and fruits out of your garden, or even just tending to it in general. I love it!

HappilyDomestic said...

Yes, I will have MUCH canning. I have already gotten in tons of pickling cucumbers and have had to let them go, due to the fact that I haven't had the time to can yet! :-(

Aren't gardens wonderful though? The only draw back to them is the weeds! Hate those.

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