Thursday, August 13, 2009

Instructions for Fluff Talk Thursdays

You probably have noticed the little box on my sidebar that said "Fluff Talk Thursdays, coming soon!". If you have wondered what that is all about....I will tell you!

One night as I lay in bed with insomnia (which seems to happen a lot) an idea popped into my head... "Wouldn't it be fun to host a weekly meme on my blog that is all about cloth diapering?"
I always seem to have fun chatting about cloth diapers with my friends and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts with my blog readers. Not only that, but they can jump in and join the conversation.

So here is what you do:

Each Thursday I will write on a different cloth diapering topic. I will either give you a question to answer or a topic to write on. You will then make your own "Fluff Talk Thursdays" post at your blog and then come back here and leave your link. I will provide a MckLinky box at at the end of each "F.T.T." post for you to do this. I do ask that when you participate in my meme, that you please use my "Fluff Talk Thursdays" banner at the top of your posts. This not only is respectful to me, but also because the banner acts as a link. When your readers view your "F.T.T." post they can simply click on the banner to be directed back to HappilyDomestic. They can then access everyone's links to read all the other posts and maybe even join in themselves.

Some weeks I may not give a certain topic to write about. I may be posting something that is simply more informational. When I do this...go ahead and feel free to leave a link to any previous cloth diaper post you have written about, or maybe you saw a really good CD giveaway or sale, link us to that! You can leave any cloth diaper related link on those days. All I ask is that you please be sure the link you leave is indeed cloth diaper related. Any link that is not will be deleted.

I will permanently leave my "Fluff Talk Thursdays" banner with code at the bottom of my blog for you to easily access anytime. If you are unfamiliar with how to display my banner in your post, all you need to do is copy the code and then paste it into your HTML post setting when you blog.

Please email me at with any questions that you may have. If you are not familiar with weekly memes then this may seem confusing. It does not need to be though. It really is rather simple.

I hope that you will join in. I want Fluff Talk Thursdays to be something that is fun for all you cloth diapering mamas! I have a lot of ideas for some fun topics and I know you will enjoy it.

Next Weeks Topic: Why Cloth? What made you decide to go the cloth diapering route? Who introduced you to the idea?
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Jackie at 3littleones said...

I am so excited for this meme - I will definitely be participating!!! :)

I just found your blog last night and saw your Fluff Talk Thursday button and was very intrigued so made sure I came back today to see what it was all about. Thanks and look forward to joining in the discussions!

HappilyDomestic said...

So glad you found me! This should be fun. I look forward to reading your "Fluff Talk Thursday" posts as you participate. Did my instructions make sense? lol. Let me know if you have any questions?

Chari said...

yay looking forward to this!

Trish and Rob said...

OK here's what we've got
17 Bum Genius'
3 Haute Pockets
3 Smartipants
where do I put the picture???

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