Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Button

I had a new button made since I changed the background of my blog.
I have been noticing on some of your blogs
that my old button no longer shows up.
It now contains a photobucket box saying that the image in no longer available.
I do not know why it is doing this.
So, if you don't mind...
will you please grab my new button for your blogs?
I sure would appreciate it.
Thank you!

(new button with code can be found on my right side bar)

Happily Domestic

By the way- This button was made by Stefanie at Bloggy Buttonz. She only charges $5 for a button. You can find her button link on my left sidebar.
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Annie said...

grabbed it!

You have a kick butt blog! I love the colors, layout and the way it is organized. I am still pretty new to blogging and really want to create a button of my own, I am reading up on how to do that right now :)

Chari said...

I noticed that yesterday, then figured out you had a new button! Cute! I'm working on one.

BrassyMom said...

Button updated! :D

HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks ladies!

Southern Belle said...

I noticed your button wasn't working on my blog yesterday and was wondering if you were making a new one. Have no worries, I just replaced your old button with the new one. All is well. ; )

Tamara said...

Hi, I found you through another cloth diaper blog and I LOVE your blog! I have a silly question: I use blogger too and can't figure out how to add buttons to my blog. Can you tell me how, since you have them and must know how. Thanks!

HappilyDomestic said...

Okay, first you right click on the button code and copy. Then go to customize at the top right hand corner of your blogger header. click on that. Now you are going to "add a gadget" it will bring up a box with options. Pick the one that says enter an html code. That will now bring up another box in which you paste your code. click save when your done...and your button should appear! :-) You can move around your gadgets to wherever you want on your page. Let me know if that works.

Tamara said...

Thanks, that was helpful! But, it won't let me put things on both sides, like you have 'em. How did you do that?

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