Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursdays #3

How to make easy pop up wipes... for CHEAP!

This is the wipes system I have been using
since day-1 of my cloth diapering journey.
It is very inexpensive, yet works!

This is what you will need:

I bought 9 packages of thin baby washcloths from the DollorTree.
Cost- $9.00
That gives you 36 cloth wipes.

(Click to see larger)

I fold the wipes in a layering manner.
See instructions above.
(sorry, it is kind of hard to read)

  1. Place layer fold wipes in empty pop up tub
  2. Mix solution
  3. Pour solution over wipes
  4. Feed first wipe through lid slit
  5. Close and pull up
  6. Wipes will pop up in order, with no need to open container
Easy as that!

I always prefer to use cloth wipes when using cloth diapers. It is much easier to throw the wipe in the pail with the diaper, then to make an extra effort to get a dirty wipe to the trash can. My husband prefers non-cloth wipes, so I do buy them from time to time to make him happy. I also use disposable wipes for when we leave the house.

I highly recommend this wipe solution:

Here is some information on it:

The LuSa Organics Diaper Wipe Concentrate has healing essential oils combines with witch hazel, aloe, vera juice, and skin soothing oils. No mixing individual oils neccessary - just add water and pour over your wipes. This concentrate is free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives found in so many commercial wipes. After using a wipe just toss it in with your diapers to be washed.

The LuSa Organics Diaper Wipe Concentrate is the least expensive and easiest way to make your own wipes!

Directions: Shake well before use. Combine 1-3 tsp. LuSa Organics Diaper Wipe Concentrate with 1 cup water. Pour over cloth wipes or paper towels. Store in a sterilized plastic tub. For travel, toss a few wipes in a zip bag and go!

Please note separation in the bottle is normal so shake well before each use.

Comes in 8 oz bottle and will make approximately 2 gallons.

This costs $14.99. I bought mine from Nicki's Diapers 14 months ago and still have around 1/4 of the bottle left. I mix 3 teaspoons soulution to 2 cups water for each full tub of wipes. I am amazed at how long this solution has lasted. I love it! It smells great, doesn't mildew or get musty and I love the fact that it is all organic, and full of essential oils. Nothing synthetic touching my baby's bum. :-)

*Remember ladies that today you can also link up any of your previous CD posts, or link us to a CD giveaway, etc. (If you are not writing about your wipe system) You are welcome to participate in the assignment and link us to those things too...that's okay.*

NEXT WEEK: "Dads on Cloth Diapering"
You are NOT going to want to miss this!!! Tell all your cloth diapering friends to get on board because this is going to be a hoot! In fact, I am going to run this assignment for two weeks so that everyone can get a chance to participate. Or maybe you want to break it up into segments over the two weeks (that is what I am going to do).

Here is some options as to what to do:
  • Have your husband write about what he thinks about cloth diapers. The good, the bad, and the ugly!
  • You write about your husband and cloth diapering. Funny stories, gross stories, whatever!
  • Post your favorite or funny picture of your husband using or changing cloth diapers on your children.
  • Be creative! We want everyone to get some good laughs out of this...I KNOW you all have funny stories to tell.*
Please remember to use my "FTT" banner when participating in the assignment.* The banner with code can be found at the very bottom of my blog. Also, don't forget to leave the link to your post so that we can all visit and see.

To see last weeks Fluff Talk Thursday Post click here.
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Chari said...

Thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!! This is the best idea I've heard for doing cloth wipes. The others out there say to put them like in a thermus or something. Sounds sooo messy and just not "anal friendly" ;-)

For several months we would wet a washcloth each time we changed him, but it was such a pain. Now we use baby wipes. Which is another pain because you have to throw it away. And it's gross to just throw them away in the trash when they're poopy too. ick.

I have a bottle of solution too that I haven't even opened.

This is perfect, I can't wait to try it!

Chari said...

I look forward to next week!!

Josie said...

Thats exactly what I do too, but I make my own solution and LOVE it because I can make it different every time and it takes me 4 minutes from start to finish!

Chari said...

Thanks, I didn't even think of that!

HappilyDomestic said...

Your welcome Chari. :-)

Josie, you should post your recipe! I wouldn't mind trying a homemade wipe solution.

momof3munchkins said...

Thanks! How often do you refill your wipes box? Do you get through the whole thing between washes or do you always have some that just stay in the bottom of the box that you don't get to? I think I would always have some that stay in and get smelly and mildewy!

HappilyDomestic said...

Momof3munchkins- Well, if I am using my cloth wipes exclusivly, then I go through a box about once a week or so. The wipe solution I use is real good about keeping the wipes fresh longer (even after a long time). I think it is because it contains ingredients such as witch hazel, and lavender essential oil.

Together We Save said...

Wow - what a wonderful idea!!

Annie said...

I love your post! Great pictures and easy to understand explanation.

Oh yay!! My husband is so funny, I can't wait for him to write about cloth diapering....I am so excited! Great idea! (wow, enough exclamation points already.....can you feel my happiness? LOL)

Southern Belle said...

I took your advice on cloth diaper wipes a couple weeks ago and am proud to say it works wonderfully! ITA, using cloth diapers and disposable wipes is more work, who would have thought? = )

Annie said...

about your question on how to get the word out about this FTT....I can post a thread about it on DiaperSwappers! Then we can also post a bulliten on the cloth diapering blog ning.....

There is also a Cloth Diapering chat on Twitter monday nights at 8est/7central....if I am on I will definitely spread the word.

I just read my husband's blog post about cloth diapering. (he had to write it tonight since he will be gone ALL next week...booo) it is funny and convincing at the same time! I love him and I look forward to these posts!

Rose said...

Great way to do your cloth wipes! I use the same fold for my cloth kleenex. Our cloth baby wipe system is a spray bottle or peri bottle of water next to our stack of dry wipes. We wet them as needed. It's simple as has worked fine for us so far.

I already have my fluff talk post for next week close to ready. My DH is letting me use the text of some back-and-forth messages between him and a friend who was asking about cloth. I just need to write the intro! I'm excited!

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