Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursdays #4

Dad's on Cloth Diapering

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I love my husband, I can not imagine having a husband who refuses to change diapers. After all, the baby is not mine alone. My husband has been a good sport about it from the get go. He changes diapers when he is home, no questions asked. He has taken care of the sloppiest, most disgusting diapers when I could not stomach it. He has done the out in the store or restaurant poopies. Best of all..he doesn't even complain to me about it.
HE IS AWESOME!!! I thought that when we switched to cloth, I would now be doing most of the diapering. That was NOT the case. My husband learned right along with me. And here is what he has to say on the issue...

Thank God for wives. I start off by saying that because if I didn’t have a wife I would rather lose an arm than use cloth diapers. The thought of using cloth diapers over disposables (which you still have to deal with the disgusting anyways), didn’t exist.

I don’t mind a little hippy here and there but I thought a cloth diaper was pieces of cloth that you pin onto your fragile wonderful baby. I can climb mountains, put together any new furniture I buy, do some programming on the computer, but I do not know how to fold a piece of cloth and pin it together so it would be a diaper and still work. I would have given my child a belly button ring. I would have felt like a geek changing their diaper in public somewhere. I would jam the 2” long safety pin through their skin and be thrown in jail. No cloth diapers for me!

But I was not thinking of progress. VCR now DVD, Nintendo now Play Station, cloth diapers now cloth diapers, that adjust and snap. I should have known that diapers had advanced like everything else. They are easier to use, no pins, colorful, and the money saved in this adventure makes it my choice. The benefits of no garbage waste and no more diaper rash is pretty cool too.

I am glad we switched to cloth and with more beautiful and wonderful lives on the way I will learn new tricks of how to make this old school diapering method easier. I love saving money and until they invent a beamer (like star trek) that will beam the baby’s poop from their intestines to the toilet I’m going to use cloth diapers.

NEXT WEEK: Same as this week- "Dads on Cloth Diapering"

Here is some options as to what to do:
  • Have your husband write about what he thinks about cloth diapers. The good, the bad, and the ugly!
  • You write about your husband and cloth diapering. Funny stories, gross stories, whatever!
  • Post your favorite or funny picture of your husband using or changing cloth diapers on your children.
  • Be creative! We want everyone to get some good laughs out of this...I KNOW you all have funny stories to tell.*
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Annie said...

Thank you so much for grabbing my button! I was so excited when I saw it on your site :)

Your husband is hilarious - I love how he admits to cloth scaring him at times. This was a fantastic topic idea and I can't wait to read others!

Also, you did a great job on those photos - I can't wait to get a photo editor that lets me do that :)

HappilyDomestic said...

Annie- Your welcome! :-)

Tip for can download Picasa3 from google. It is a free photo editing program. It is what I use. :-) Oh, and Picnik is pretty cool too, but I prefer to make my collages through Picasa.

Rose said...

Great photos, and your husband is funny! I love how he compares the new style of cloth diapers to DVDs and Play Station - a reference any guy can understand!
I added my link, thanks for such a great topic idea.

Chari said...

The pictures and the post is toooooooo sweet!!

Southern Belle said...

LOL, what a great post! I'll be sure to have my husband read it. = )

Judson Family said...

It is always great to hear the dad's version... When I first brought up the option of cloth diapering to my husband he was very happy and I think he was so happy cause he just assumed that I would be the one changing diapers...little did he know there are a wide variety of "Dad Friendly" cloth diapers, and he has had his share of diaper changes with

Mommyto3andahusky said...

cool blog! Just stumbled upon it! :)

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