Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Year Older

Yesterday I turned 31. I remember when I was a lot younger and people that were in their 30's seemed ancient to me. Now here I am , my 2nd year into my 30's and I do not feel any different than I did at 20. I don't look 31 (That is good), it kind of just crept up on me. How did I get this old so fast? Where did all the time go? I suppose I should enjoy it because it won't be long before I am looking in the mirror and seeing an old lady looking back at me.

So, what did I do for the occasion? Not much. My husband, children and I went to Red Robin last night for dinner. My husband requested that they not only sing to me but really make a fuss. so, not only did they sing to me but got the attention of the WHOLE entire restaurant and said, "We have a very special birthday here " then they told everyone I was turning 12! Okay, so this may be funny for most people...but considering I have actually had people say I looked only 12 up into my 20's, I was a little embarrassed. My kids were all disturbed too. My daughter kept saying, "Oh no, now people will think your 12 mom!" It was funny. If there is a 12 year old out there with 3 kids and that is pregnant...someone go kill the pervert that did this to her!!! LOL.

After dinner and to commemorate being a child of the 80's my husband & I rented "Teen Wolf". Nothing like a cheesy 80's movie to laugh at to make you smile.

That was my birthday!
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momof3munchkins said...

Happy Birthday! My 30th is next year and I can't believe it! I sure don't feel as old as what I used to think of 30 yr olds when I was younger either! Hopefully that's a good thing and we will always feel younger than what we are!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sarah J. said...

Happy birthday! I turned 31 in July. :o)

Chari said...

Happy Birthday!! A day late....sorry!!

That is too funny about what she said you being 12 lol

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Happy birthday!! I HATE when they sing to me at restaurants! SO embarrassing! I feel for you!
Teen Wolf... Haven't seen that SINCE the 80's! LOL!

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