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Flufff Talk Thursday #11

Cloth Diapering With Wool
Written By Guest Writer
Vilate Thacker

from Nifty Nappy

Wool...Ahh, it is amazing. Wool has been used hand in hand with cloth diapers for a really long time. Here in America we haven't know about wool for very long. We are just starting to learn the benefits of wool. In England and Australia though they have used wool for generations!

Why wool?

Well, Wool is magic! At least that is how I explain it. :) My hubby is a scientist though and so he knows why it really works. It is a process called salinization! Sounds like a big word huh? I just know it works! The wool reacts with the urine on the cover. This reaction changes the urine into salt water. When the cover dries it will dry clean with some salt residue. They only reason that you need to wash them eventually is because the salt builds up and there is no more room for the reaction. That sounds super easy to understand huh?
It really works too, if you use a wool cover hang it somewhere to dry during the day and by the time it is night it will be dry AND smell clean!
Wool is anti-bacterial and it is super absorbent! It can hold up to 35% of it's own weight in moisture. When you add the lanoline it just adds to natural protection! Did I mention these are the only all natural diaper covers out there right now? They are great during the winter because they keep the body warm. They are great during the summer because they help to keep the body cool using evaporative cooling. It can do this because it is breathable. The breathability is the big clincher for me! I hated using the plastic pants when I first started because they just held in all that moisture and warmth which makes it a breeding ground for simple rashes and those nasty yeast rashes! So when I found wool I was sold before I used it.
So how often do you need to wash wool covers? I wash mine about once a month. When they start to smell I wash them that simple. Or if they get poop on them of course. Washing is super easy!
I have detailed instruction on my webpage here but I will give simple ones here too for you. I wash the wool covers by hand in warm water and use baby soap to clean it. I use solid lanolin and dissolve it in water. I then pour this water into a large bowl of warm to hot water. Then I put the cover in the lanolin water mixture and massage the lanolin in for a minute or so. Then you walk away! WOW! that was all of like 5 minutes. I usually let mine soak over night and then pull them out and get the water out of them. Then I hang them out to dry. Easy-peasy huh?
So now that you know it is easy to care for and great to use you are still wondering..."But wool is itchy! Will my baby like it?"

Are you are thinking about that sweater that is hanging in the back of your closet that your grammy gave you 10 yrs ago? Well yeah that thing is itchy! But wool has come so far, and they make some super soft wool now. I love, love, LOVE merino wool! It is super duper soft. But it is usually not thick so when I make my Woolie Wraps I love to make them with an inner layer of merino wool and then an outer layer of a lambs wool. That is the ultimate cover I think. When I use these over my diapers I have no leaks. Even after 12 hrs of sleep my baby will still be dry! I love to upclycle sweaters to make wool covers. I also love to crochet them too!
I have types of wool covers listed on my webpage. There are wraps, soakers, longies, crocheted soakers and longies also.

So, what are you waiting for? What are your hang ups for using wool, come on, throw them at us and we will work it out! :)
If you have used wool please share your experiences with us, we wanna hear from you!

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HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks Vilate! Since I didn't actually write up a post today, I thought I would write my thoughts here.

I would love to start using wool more. Besides how adorable it looks, I love how it repels odors and keep moisture off baby, etc. I guess what has held me back is the fact that it can't be thrown in the wash with all the other diapers and I am not thrilled about hand washing anything with poop on it. But..I think the benefits out weigh the negative factors.

I really want to try longies too but am not sure how they work. Will the pee run down the legs since there is not a fitted cover over the diaper? Do you lanolize the whole pair of longies?

Thanks again for this great post. I enjoyed it.

newmami_rgv said...

It sounds so cool. I've heard of using wool as a cover, but wasn't to sure as to how it works. Hubby doesn't want to try it though. Plus short on diaper funds. When I get a chance I want to try longies as well. I don't think the pee will go down the legs... GOOD LUCK!

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