Friday, December 4, 2009

Show Us Your Christmas Trees

I thought I would join in on this fun meme today.
At Kelly's Corner we are all showing our Christmas Trees.
Here is my family's over the past 5 years.

It is a family tradition of ours to take a family picture in front of our tree each Christmas Eve night. Here we are looking ever so young back in 2004.

Our Tree 2004
I strung up popcorn and put red checked bows through the strand. The kids and I also made Cinnamon dough and made our own ornaments that smelled SO good. I also made the raffia bow with pine cones and greenery that is our tree topper. This was probably my favorite decorated tree. It turned out so cute and old-fashioned looking. This picture does not do it justice.

2005 Family Picture
This was taken during our short lived move to Washington state.
We lived there for 6 months then moved back home.
My daughter was 3 here and my son was 5.
Notice the difference in presents this year compared to the last?
My husband was laid off from his job a few weeks before Christmas.
It was slim pickins that year.

The one good thing about Washington was the Christmas trees!!! We cut this down at a tree farm. It was only $15 and was around 12 feet tall (I may be off on that..maybe it was taller). This tree was the freshest, most beautiful tree we have ever had. It was so alive after Christmas that we could have left it up another 2 months!

Here it is decorated and lite.
Sorry, it's so blurry.

2006 Family Picture
Back in our same house after our Washington move.
Here we are in front of our Charie Brown tree.

We went to Sutherlands at night to look for a tree.
Take my advice and don't buy a tree at night.
Everything looks good in the dark. lol.

2007 Family Picture
This was taken by my sister in law who obviously does NOT have picture taking talents. But, you get the general idea. I was pregnant with baby "E" here. My daughter was 5 and son was 7.

A better view of the tree and my pregnant belly.
I was 5 months along here.

I let the kids sleep out by the tree. They LOVED it.

2008 Family Picture
Okay, so this is a horrid picture of me, but trying to get a picture of everyone not blinking is HARD. Here we are last year. We all looked thrilled don't we? Haha.

There was a lot excitement in the house last year! lol.

Our Tree 2008
View from the kitchen.

We do not have our tree for this year yet, hopefully by this weekend!
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Chari said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures! I especially love the Charlie Brown Tree ;-) I would love to have a real tree, but they always stop up both me and my husband :-(

It's neat to see how your family has changed over the last few years.

Sam and His Parents (Angie and Brian) said...

That's a very nice tradition.

Judson Family said...

Beautiful Trees, and love the family photos..Nice to look back and see how your family has grown through the years!

newmami_rgv said...

You are so lucky! Hubby doesn't like taking pics... so it's usually just my daughter infront of the tree... Lovely pictures.

Tamara said...

You're right about the tress in Washington. I've lived here my whole life and I LOVE it! Where did you guys live? Why did you move here? Where do you live now. I love reading about your family and all your wonderful ideas. Thanks.

Kara said...

I'm randomly going through trees on kellyskorner. Your post is so fresh, simple, and full of family. Such a NICE post!

Southern Belle said...

I have to say the second to last picture was the best! What is it about cameras that either brings out the smiles in our kids or the tears? You're kids are adorable. BTW, how is the job search going? I've been praying for you.

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