Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday #14

How I Store My Cloth Diapers

To be honest with you, the reason I chose this topic was not because I have discovered the best way to store my cloth diapers and wanted to show you all. It is because I need help! We live in a small 1,300 square foot house that we out grew quite some time ago. My two babies do not have their own rooms. Right now we have baby J in his bassinet in our bedroom and Mr. E in his crib in his sisters room. I dream about the day when we are able to buy a bigger house and J & E have their very own cute little boys room. Until then... I am trying to figure out ways to be organized with very little space.

Here is how I am currently storing their diapers:

*Click on collage to enlarge*

How do you do it? Do you have any tips for me?
I suppose the part I do not like about our current system is that J's basket is on the floor making it hard to reach a diaper while changing and E's diapers are not in the same room as the changing table. It's not working for me.

Your Assignment For Today:

Topic is: "How I Store My Cloth Diapers"
Tell us all how you store your cloth diapers. We love to see pictures, so be sure to include some in your post. Don't forget to Grab my Fluff Talk Thursday Banner for your post (can be found at my right side bar) Then come back and link up your post for all to read.

Next Fluff Talk Thursday will be February 18th

Topic is: Miracle Diapers- ways we can help those in need

*Due to the fact that my family and I will be out of town for the first 2 weeks in February (more about that later) there will not be a Fluff Talk Thursday on the 4th of Feb.*

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whocg23 said...

One thing I would maybe give out as an idea is, maybe instead of using the diaper stacker and the basket for diaper storage, see if you can use them for creative clothes storage. If you could get it to the point where one of the drawers in your dresser could be cleared out, you could use the drawers for diapers and have them much more handy at changing time. Like, I use an old desk organizer to hold my son's socks and leg warmers to give myself even that much added shelf and drawer space in his dresser. Just a thought. :) If I come up with anything else during the day, I will just have to comment again I guess. ;)

Mindy said...

I keep mine in one of those soft totes from Babies R Us with handles. I don't change baby on a changing pad, just where ever. Changing pads are a cool idea, but a bit inconvenient. Plus, baby is too squirmy now. So, I like that it's portable and easily accessible. I might need another soon. I just keep the tote on the dresser and grab it when I want to put the laundry away. My large wet bag is on the laundry room door and a small one hangs in the bathroom for poopy diapers. Nothing impressive, but it works!

Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

First time participating in a Fluff Talk Thursday. Glad to join in on the fluffy talk!

Amanda said...

If I had a picture of my cloth diapers or TIME to make a post, I'd participate in this Fluff Talk Thursday, but time!!

So I'll just say that I also use my diaper hanging bag thingy, but mine can hang on the changing table, so they're right there. Maybe you can get two of the 3M hooks and put them on the side of your dresser. Then you could move the bag to the dresser. Just a thought.

PS I love your bedding colors. I like how it looks like an old quilt (at least that's what it looks like from the pics)

whocg23 said...

I can't wait to hear how the new setup turns out. :)

Lil Mouse said...

I second using one of the drawers, buy a cheap pack of hangers and hang up the clothes. My 15! month old hands me hangers to hang up our clothes, and loves that 'job'.

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