Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unique Birthday Party Idea For Girls!

Have you been racking your brain for an original birthday party idea for your daughter? When I was pregnant with my son "baby E" my daughter was so excited about my baby shower. She loved everything about the baby shower...the games, the food, all the cute baby gifts. Well, this popped a brilliant idea into my head. Why not throw a baby shower for my daughter's birthday! Not just any baby shower though, a baby shower for her dolls... A BABY DOLL BABY SHOWER!!!

Can you tell I am proud of myself for coming up with something so creative? Now I want to pass this idea off to my readers. The party was such a hit with all the little girls. Truly one of the best parties I have given.

I love planning themed parties. I generally go all out for my kids birthdays and this party was not the exception. It was as much like a baby shower as any real baby shower I have ever attended.

I sent invitations out that had a picture of my daughter with her cabbage patch baby and asked all the girls to bring their favorite baby doll. We decorated the house up as you would decorate for a real baby shower. Pink balloons were everywhere, as well as streamers and baby shower banners.

I bought a cake shaped like a big diaper. The cake was white chocolate raspberry and very yummy! We also ate spinach dip and chips, strawberries and fruit dip, nuts, chicken salad sandwiches cut into bottle and baby buggy shapes, and a had a veggie tray. To drink we had sherbet punch.

We played lots of fun games too! We had a big bottle filled with jelly beans and chocolate malt eggs and had the kids take a guess at how many candies were in the bottle. This was a lot of fun because most everyone guessed around 300. There were 835!

Other games we played were "Pin the Bottle on the Baby", scoop up cottonballs blindfolded (which is quite hard actually), search for safety pins in rice blindfolded (another very tricky game) and we did a "Diaper Changing Race" with the babydolls. This was a real hoot cause everyone got so into it and it was so intense! Even my oldest son joined in with the girls...but was defeated. :-)

The last game, we had all the kids take down a balloon off the wall and they had to sit on it to pop it. Each balloon contained a message...whoever got the slip that said "Baby Doll" won. We had prizes for all the kids and in the end they each got to take home a baggie of candy from the bottle guessing game.

My daughter received a ton of nice gifts as well. My husband and I gave her an "American Girl, Bitty Baby" doll (You should have seen her when she opened it... she shook and was so very excited, it was hilarious!). We also gave her a baby doll sling (just like moms use), 3 cloth doll diapers (I sewed them), and a spring dress with matching doll dress for her American girl doll (she freaked out when she saw this one too!!). From her friends she received... 2 doll highchairs, a nursing cover to use with her dolls, baby doll outfit, small doll with accessories, blanket and pillow for her baby doll.

Here is some of the pictures from the party...

The Spread

Some of the food

My daughter by the party table

The rest of the food

Bottle and Buggy Sandwiches

The Diaper Cake

Birthday Girl with Cake

All the Baby Dolls
Oh, wait! Who is that in the middle??

Pin the Bottle on the Baby game

My husband getting the girls nice and dizzy!

Diaper Race Game
Group one- 10 & 11 year olds

Who's gonna win??

The Winner! Good job.

Group Two- 8 year olds

You can do it, Son!

Nope, a girl won!
She is a pro, with a baby sister at home to practice on.

Group Three- 7 year olds

Covering all the steps

The winner with prize!

Rice Game

Trying her best to scoop the cotton

Making all the efforts to pop her balloon!

Balloon got away!

She's bouncing, but it's not popping!

The Gifts

So excited!
Now she can match her American Girl Doll.

Never a lack of enthusiasm
from our little girl!

Just what she wanted

Cake time!

What should I wish for?

Full power!

Yes! I did it!

All the Girls, with all their Dolls

She loves her new Bitty Baby Grace

Trying out the new sling

Just like Mama

Yes, it's a doll nursing cover!

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Jill said...

too cute!

Jill said...

linked this to my site. I have a few readers with 3-5 year old girls!

Melissa said...

What a great idea! And they look like they had so much fun. Love the doll nursing cover!

Merrie L. said...

What a cute idea. I have a 3 yr old niece who is SO into dolls--it would be a nice idea for her next birthday!

Christian, Rachel and Savannah Baldree said...

That is adorable! Love the idea. I am cataloging it for when my little girl gets a little older!

Christa said...

Those are such great ideas, my sister would love something like this when she's a little older!

HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks everyone...It WAS a LOT of fun. My daughter thought it was the greatest. :-) Thanks for your kind compliments.

newmami_rgv said...

Ahh, so cute! At real baby showers my DD is always bumed cause they never ask her if she wants to play! This is the best birthday idea i've ever heard! Looks like they had a blast. Tell her CONGRATS!

Amy said...

Very cute! Thanks for all the pictures!

Spot On Your Pants said...

OMG. You need to post that nursing doll cover photo somewhere. Such a great idea! I can't believe all the detail you went to. It's so apparent you love your kids!

HappilyDomestic said...

My friend actually made the doll nursing cover! :-) It is adorable isn't it? We always teach our daughters to use bottles with their babies, but why not teach them about nursing and being modest while doing so. :-)

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Just popping in to follow your blog! Hope you can come follow mine! Thanks! Have a great day!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

girlsmom0406 said...

What a great idea! I can see my daughters liking this kind of a birthday, maybe I'll bring it up when we start birthday party planning :)

Stephanie said...

ADORABLE! Love it!

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