Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wonderful Spring Movie Collection For Your Children

I love the beautifully illustrated, classic tales of Beatrix Potter! Did you know that there is entire DVD collection of her wonderful stories? The BBC created these animated films back in 1992. They were titled "The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends".

I purchased this DVD set for my children about 7 years ago and they still enjoy watching them. There is not any inappropriate innuendos, belching or Flatulating characters...nothing but good wholesome entertainment for the entire family! These would make the perfect Easter gift.

One of the things that I love most about this collection is that the illustrations stay true to Beatrix Potter's original artwork. I love Beatrix's stories and these films bring them to life.

I bought my DVD collection at Overstock.com back in the day but you can also purchase it at Amazon.com (Free Shipping too!).

Here is a sample of one of the stories from the DVD collection that I found on You Tube (fast forward to see sample of the actual animated story)

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1 comment:

Chari said...

How cute! I can even get them on netflix :-)

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