Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dinner Menu- Week of April 12th

This week I was inspired by the recipes in my "Whole Foods For The Whole Family" cookbook. I am trying to focus on recipes that use whole grains and foods in their natural state. I bought all sorts of supplies for baking our own bread, pita pockets, tortillas, etc. I plan to do a lot of baking this week and stock our freezer. I will try and post recipes as I try them.

Here is the dinner menu for this week:

Mon.- Skillet Dinner, Dilly Carrots, Yeast Rolls

Tue.- Paraskies (German rolls filled with sauerkraut and ground beef), Cottage Cheese, and Fruit

Wed.- Mock Lobster, Rice Pilaf, and Broccoli

Thur.- Easy Mushroom Chicken Bake, Flower Pot Bread (I will tell you how to make this, I promise!), Green Beans and Scalloped Potatoes

Fri.- Speghetti Dinner at Church (Fundraiser for Home School Coop)

Sat.- Salmon Loaf, Picky Eaters Baked Cabbage (Can you get picky eaters to eat cabbage? We shall see! lol), Sourdough Bread (I am going to try and make a starter for this)

Sun.- Lentil Burgers in Pita and Fruit Salad

Mon.- Baked Spaghetti Squash and Green Salad
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mummasinJH said...

I literally went straight to Amazon and bought that cookbook! I have been looking for something like that for awhile but couldn't seem to find anything! I was also wondering when you are able to make such great meals with two very little ones? (I have an almost two year old and 3.5 month old twins myself) Like, seriously, how do you organize your day to be able to do that?

HappilyDomestic said...

I know you are going to love this cookbook. I just blogged about it so that others can know about it as well. :-) You will have to let me know what you think about it when it arrives.

As far as how do I find the time to make meals like these...well...I just force myself to do it. I usually start cooking immediately when my husband gets home from work that way he can watch all the kids while i work. My two older children clear and set the table and sometimes help me cook. I do not always have it together though. We eat out on occasion and also throw something together alot. I seem to only meal plan around 2 weeks out of each month. I am trying to do better but it is hard finding the time.

I wish I could say that I organize my days. I have tried, but so far I am pretty bad about sticking to any sort of schedule. We are kind of a fly by the seat of our pants type of family. Unfortunately.

Wish I could give you some insight on how to better manage, but I am still trying to figure it all out myself. Sounds like you have a busy family as well. I think continually telling myself that I am blessing my family by doing these things helps motivate me to keep at it. :-)

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