Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday #17- Pros/Cons of Sunning your Cloth Diapers

Pros/Cons of Sunning your Cloth Diapers

Now that the weather is warming up and spring is upon us, it is a great time to start line drying your cloth diapers! But why is line drying so good? Let's find out....

  • You can cut your electricity usage by 50-60%, that is a lot of $$$ saved!
  • Sun is a natural stain remover and wonderful for getting out tough stains on diapers.
  • extends the life of diapers, especially AIOs and covers (this is especially important if you plan on diapering more babies down the road).
  • Clothes dryers cause static cling, line drying takes care of this problem!
  • The sun will naturally sterilize your diapers. This helps to keep down odors (no more ammonia smell! Yay!!)

  • More work- let's face it, throwing diapers directly into the clothes dryer is much quicker. However, isn't there something relaxing and peaceful about hanging clothes out on the line to dry?
  • Stiff Diapers (But you can avoid this by drying early in the morning or in the late afternoon)
  • Dealing with the weather. You may hang your diapers on a glorious sunny morning only to find them drenched in rain water later that day. Let's not forget the wind! Who wants to find their beautiful fluffies laying in the neighbors yard?

Do you line dry your cloth diapers or dry them in your clothes dryer? Tell us what you do and what you like best about each method.
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Jill said...

I haven't line dried per se, but my diaper instructions say not to toss my PUL pockets in the dryer, so our playpen gets a lot of use as a drying rack. I have alternatively since it has warmed up, tossed them over the edge of a laundry basket and set them on a chair out in the sunshine. They did dry VERY quickly, I just had a few that were a little damp and were good to go by the next morning. I look forward to being able to line dry in a few weeks!

Owen's Mom said...

I love sunning my diapers and take full advantage of the summer rays, but here in Oregon we don't always have dry days. Today my dipes got a quick 10 minutes to dance on the line before I had to run them in out of a hail storm. Sheesh!

Chari said...

I love line drying!! During the winter I get out of the habit, but once spring roles around I do a pretty good job of getting almost every load out to sun. There are a few diapers that had really bad stains and after I left them out several hours (ok, more like a day and a half, I forgot they were outside lol) the stains were completely gone!

The ability for the sun to pull out any last stink is even a better aspect of line drying :-)

newmami_rgv said...

I love the pros! Great post... read up on how and why we line dry!!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

So how do I get the stiff diapers not-stiff again?

a2editor said...

I would consider BIRDS to be my #1 Con for line drying. :) I don't want to have to re-wash diapers that were drying outside. There is also the time factor. My solution for now is to throw everything in the dryer and sun stained diapers on a window seat. I would love to save more money on utilities though.


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