Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a day to be sick

Today baby "E" turned two!!! I guess I should stop calling him a baby now that he is an official toddler. Poor guy was so sick today. He has a miserable cold and has been running a fever for two days. What a time to be sick. Good thing we did not have a party planned. We celebrated at home with just our family. The kids and I baked a real yummy carrot cake and we blew up a couple balloons. It was simple as simple could be. I don't think Mr. E minded one bit.

Birthday? Who cares!

Oh, but the cake made him smile!
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Lindsey said...

Happy birthday "Toddler E"!!!!!
I hope he starts feeling better.
And that carrot cake looks yummy :)

Chari said...

poor little man!
you can tell he has a sweet tooth by that smile :-)

Carly said...

Happy Birthday to Him!!!! Hope he feels better soon:)

Tamara said...

What a cutie! He probably won't remember being sick on his birthday.

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