Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day- I feel loved

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day....

I woke to find my husband carrying in a tray with a beautiful breakfast upon it. He and the kids made me quite the Mother's Day feast! There was scrambled eggs, french toast, strawberries & bananas, english muffins, hot tea and orange juice!! It was a breakfast fit for a queen... I felt like one being served breakfast in bed. Everything looked so lovely with flowers (hand picked dandelions from my children in a baby bottle vase), my tea cup and glass tea tray. My husband even made the breakfast tray out of a cardboard box! So creative.

My children sat at the end of my bed and watched me eat. They were so proud! Yes, my two year old snagged one of my english muffin halves. lol

My Cards

My daughter made this card at Chick-fil-A,
they had a Stampin Up lady on Family Night helping the kids make cards

Picture my daughter drew...love the hands!

Card from my son. You have to read it..he says
"I lick wut you do" too cute!

This one is from my husband. Love it!

Baby "J" didn't have a card, but his cuteness was enough to make up for it.

And his snuggles!

It was a great day.
I my family!
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Jill said...

you are a luckily lady. that would never happen for me in a million years.

Chari said...

how sweet!!

Southern Belle said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day and breakfast in bed what a great way to begin your morning. I love the card from your daughter, the hands are just too cute!

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