Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teaching Our Sons Responsibility

It seems to me that as time progresses we see more and more lack in responsibility from our men. Husbands are leaving their wives for other women, fathers are not providing for their own children, some men feel it is their wives"duty" to care for the children and home without their help. This is not what God has intended. He created men to be leaders of their households. They are meant to be the spiritual covering over the family, the provider, the teacher, the example.

If more men would be strong influences in their children's lives we would see less teen pregnancies, less men abandoning their responsiblities, less violence. The world would function completely differently then it does today.

What does this have to do with boys?

Our sons are going to one day grow and be men. They will have a family of their own. It is our job as parents to teach them now what they need to know, for the sake of their futures. We need to be teaching our sons how to help around the house, how to care for babies, how to be a hard worker, etc. We all desire to see our sons grow into respectful men. Every parent desires this no matter what religion or race you are.

Pearables has put out a 2 book series all about teaching your sons responsibility. Each book is meant to be used weekly and gives assignments for your son to work on. Level 1 can be started with boys as young as 6. These books are not complicated and will not take a lot of your time. Here is a list of what each book covers....

Lessons in Responsibility for Boys LEVEL ONE contains the following chapter titles:

One - Responsibility

Two - Responsibility Through Love

Three - Responsibility and Your Stuff

Four - Responsibility and Your Bed

Five - Responsibility and Your Morning Routine

Six - Responsibility and Your Siblings

Seven - Responsibility & Your Sister

Eight - Responsibility & Your Parents

Nine - Responsibility & Your Friends

Ten - Responsibility & Your Mind

Eleven - What You Put Into Your Mind

Twelve - Responsibility & the TV

Thirteen - Responsibility & Video Games

Fourteen - Responsibility & Money

Fifteen - Responsibility & Handling Money

Sixteen - Loving God With ALL Your Strength

Seventeen - Responsibility & Your Physical Body

Eighteen- Taking Care of Your Temple

Nineteen - Keeping Your Body Clean

Twenty - Keeping Your Body Groomed

Twenty One - What You Put Into Your Body

Twenty Two - Exercising God’s Temple

Twenty Three - Helping Others With Your Strength

Twenty Four - Responsibility & Your Chores

Twenty Five - Responsibility & Home Maintenance

Twenty Six - Responsibility & Getting Enough Rest

Twenty Seven - Loving God with ALL our SOUL

Twenty Eight - Responsibility & Your Relationship With God

Twenty Nine - Responsibility & Having a Thankful Spirit

Thirty - Review of the Responsibilities You Have Learned

Lessons in Responsibility for Boys LEVEL TWO contains the following chapter titles:

One - Responsibility

Two - Your Relationship with God First

Three - Reading the Bible Consistently

Four - Fellowshipping with Other Believers

Five - Letting Your Light Shine

Six - A Gentleman for Christ

Seven - Being Considerate of Others

Eight - Answering the Phone

Nine - Introducing Others

Ten - How to Interact With Others

Eleven - How to Really Listen

Twelve - Centering on Others, Not Self

Thirteen - Who do Your Clothes Show Who You Are?

Fourteen - What to Wear & When

Fifteen - Being Modest as Men

Sixteen - A Nicely Groomed Gentleman

Seventeen - Being a Good Steward

Eighteen- A "Gimme" Heart

Nineteen - A Giving Heart

Twenty - Being a Hard Worker

Twenty One - Handling Your Money

Twenty Two - Responsibility at Home

Twenty Three - How to Rake Leaves

Twenty Four - How to Water the Lawn

Twenty Five - How to Weed

Twenty Six - Learning to "Fix" Things

Twenty Seven - Fixing a Skateboard

Twenty Eight - Fixing a Bicycle

Twenty Nine - Responsibility & Being Your Dad’s Shadow

Thirty - Review & Putting it Into Practice

Visit Pearables to purchase these great books. I highly recommend them!

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Chari said...

Thank you for your review. There are excellent lessons in this book that I want my son to learn. I will keep these in mind as my son gets older.

GroverFamily said...

Great post...these are things I want to instill in my boys!

Southern Belle said...

Thanks for posting about these books and I whole heartedly agree with what you said. Its sad, but we are seeing the affects of a society of men that act just like Peter Pan.

Far Above Rubies said...

Thanks for sharing these books on Domestically Divine. I'm always looking for great resources for boys.



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