Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks for your comments and explination of Bear Hunt

Since I was out of town when my Backyard Campout party idea post went up, I never had the opportunity to thank any of you for your wonderful compliments. I am pleased that so many of you enjoyed my idea. I hope that those of you with boys will use this idea for your own son. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks to those of you who complimented my artwork. :-) Those invitations took me a long time to do. Had I been thinking, I would have only drawn and painted one and then color copied it. I wasn't thinking though and drew and painted 7 of them!!! Oh well.

What is Bear Hunt you ask?

It's an interactive children's song. We have it on a CD and played it for the kids and they pretended to be on a "Bear Hunt".

Here is the song, I found it on YouTube....

Oh, and while searching for this song I also found a "Bear Hunt" book. I have not actually read this book myself, but now I am going to have to buy it! I know my kids would LOVE this.
For those of you that missed my Backyard Campout post. Click here.
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Stephanie said...

We have that version of the book- the illustrations are very sweet!

Rach said...

My girls LOVE this song. I'll have to look for the book.

jamaise said...

I remember this song! I was just watching it with my seven year old and his eyes were pealed :) Thanks for reminding me :)))

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