Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fathers Day Gifts

I took a little photo shoot of my children in our yard the other day. I wanted to capture a few good pictures for my husband's father's day gifts. It is difficult to get all 4 kids smiling at once and the baby was real fussy, but in the end I got a few good ones. Here they are:

I am having a big 11x14 photo made of this and will frame it.

This one went on a card

This went on a coffee mug.
I love how little E is busy sucking his thumb and holding his blankie.
It wouldn't be a true reflection of him if he weren't. :-)

We also have a few other Father's Day surprises up our sleeve! What are your Father's Day gift plans?
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The Baldree Family said...

That is adorable! I am still not sure what we are going to do... I guess I am waiting for inspiration to strike... Who knows if that will happen. But I better get on it soon- it is coming up!!!

adkinsra said...

i consder your artical is so nice!........................................

Tamara said...

Gosh, I just can't stand how darn cute your kids are!!
We don't have firm plans yet, but I may be hosting a family get together at my house for father's day and the June birthdays (3 of them, including my husband, my mom and my nephew, who'll be one!).

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

oh so cute! :)

I saw a few fun ideas in the family fun magazine, and I think the kids want to make some fun crafts, but I found a little knight and it comes in a gift box. It says to my knight in shinning armor. :)

MamaMonkey said...

Such cute kids! Love the pictures.

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