Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our annual family camping trip 2010

Almost every memorial day weekend our family has gone up into the mountains and camped. My husband is one of those that likes to go off road and camp in the middle of the wilderness. About 6 years ago we discovered a place in the woods and claimed it for our own. We have camped there ever since. In fact, we tied a stuffed gorilla high up in one of the trees and named our camp "Gorilla Camp".

The old gorilla, still up in the tree!

Gorilla shirts for the occasion

This year was our first year to camp as a family with our two new baby boys. I must admit, I wasn't too excited about camping with two babies. Like I said, our camping is "ruffing it" camping, but the babies actually did rather well. It was the night time in the tent that made it ruff. The temperatures dropped below freezing! The baby and I froze and we had a miserable night. Because of this we came home Sunday night (a day early) to avoid sleeping in the tent again.

I suppose it would not have been so bad except the tent we have is thin and cheap. It has two big mesh windows that do not have sip covers. This makes it so that even with the rain fly, cold air breezes come in the tent. After that night I told my husband I will never tent camp again while we have a nursing baby!!! It was not fun.

Our tents...even one for the dolls

During the day time we experienced nice weather. It was cool, but sometimes that is good. We played games, cooked on the camp fire, went for walks. It was beautiful where we were at and nice to get away from town to be alone as a family in peace.

Here is more of the pictures from our trip.

My nature collage

Our baby boys having fun together

Little E, one with nature

Enjoying the evening around the campfire

As long as he had his thumb and blanket he was happy

Hot cocoa time!

Baby J had his first taste of babyfood at camp...
Sweet Potatoes!

My next post will show some of the things we do to make our camping experiences a little easier and fun.
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Chari said...

I can't imagine having below freezing temps during this time of the year where we live! It would be nice :-)

You have some really great pictures. I can't wait to hear the rest about it.

Jackie@Lilolu said...

Looks beautiful. We camp every year too. This year was our 20th annual camping trip. We made up t-shirts for the occasion of the top 10 funniest camp moments. We may have to add a few more after this last trip. The kids love it and look forward to it every year. they've been camping since they were babies as well. Things get easier as they get older. They know the rules and what needs to be done before the exploring can begin. It's like being pioneers and that's exciting for them.

I can't wait to read about the rest of your trip. Happy day!

Jodi Faye said...

Oh how boys love to camp too! I'd love to know what good camping areas you've found around our area ;)

Hippie4ever said...

We're taking my son (14 months)for his first camping trip this summer ! I can't wait!! Looks like you all had fun :)

Terra H. said...

What great photos and it looks like your family is spending lots of quality time together. I started out tent camping with my family almost ten years ago and did it for many years. I loved it, even though at times we also experienced freezing weather. Last year we bought a camper and now have it permanently parked at a local campground. We go there every weekend and twice during the week. We all love it.

Tamara said...

It's really inspiring to see that camping can be done successfully with children. We took Emma camping last summer for the fourth of July, when she was only 5 months old! I was really nervous that she would be all out of sorts, but she did great!

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