Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday #20- Cloth Diapering on a TIGHT Budget!

"Cloth Diapering on a Tight Budget"

I have been so excited about this weeks Fluff Talk Thursday topic. Since I first began cloth diapering 2 years ago, I have been on a search for quality cloth diapers that ANYONE could afford. Let's face it...the up front cost of cloth diapering can be staggering. For some it is not even an option. Some families have chosen to not cloth diaper all together because of the cost. Sometimes it is more affordable to come up with $8-$10 per week for diapers then it is for the 4-5 hundred it cost for the cloth diapering start up.

When I began cloth diapering money was tight for my family as well. I had to acquire my stash over time. I purchased a few clearance diapers with every pay check and skimped on groceries for a couple weeks. In the end I still paid around $400. And although using cloth diapers has already saved us hundreds of dollars, I know how hard it is in the beginning with the up front cost. I only wish I had known then what I know now. I could have saved over $300 on my start up stash!

I am proud to say my search for extremely affordable cloth diapers is over! I have purchased and tried some cheaper cloth diapers from various places and have been very disappointed. All the "cheap"diapers I tried were either poorly made, leaked, or fit terribly. Then recently I came across KaWaii Baby cloth diapers. A friend from church had her baby boy in a KaWaii Baby diaper and being the cloth diaper fanatic that I am, I had to find out what brand they were. The diaper looked nice. It fit well and had me completely intrigued. My friend said that she purchased it from an ebay seller and that it was only around $6.00. She said that it works great and has been a good diaper.

When I got home that night I went to my computer and searched out KaWaii Baby cloth diapers. I actually found that they have a online store called Luv Your Baby Products. I was excited to find they offered a wide variety of cloth diapers styles in lots of colors and prints. I love cute prints! I was even more excited when I saw the prices!!! I knew I had to try these diapers because if they functioned as well as they looked, then I had found the diapers I had been searching for.

I contacted April owner of Luv Your Baby Products about a review. She allowed me to purchase a variety of her diapers at a discount for my review. I am happy to say it has been a great experience clear across the board. April shipped my diapers right out and I received them within a week. The diapers were individually wrapped and each came with 2 well made diaper inserts. I am amazed at the quality of these diapers. They are made with the same high quality fabrics, velcro and snaps I am use to seeing on higher priced diapers. The stitching on them is flawless as well.

Let me tell you about the variety of diapers I tried:

My KaWaii Baby Cloth Diapers

Pure and Natural
The Pure and Natural is a smaller one size pocket diaper designed for babies from birth to 15 months or 6-22 pounds. It is made from the same cloth diaper fabric most of us are use to (polyester with a polyurethane coating), soft suede cloth inner and has a velcro closure. This diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts. The inserts for the Pure and Natural are shorter and more narrow than the average insert, making this diaper nice and trim fitting and less bulky for those smaller babies. If you want a newborn stash that will also grow with your baby, this is it! The Pure and Natural when set to the smallest setting would definitely fit a newborn! It is adorable!

Cost for the Pure and Natural with 2 inserts: $6.00
(Comes in white, peach/pink, and baby blue)

One Size Heavy Duty Diaper
This diaper has been one of my favorites out of the assortment I tried. It fits awesome and is nice and trim fitting. The velcro on this is very good quality. I am tired of how fuzzy some of my other cloth diapers velcro has become. I can tell by the grade of velcro it will never do this. This diaper has a suede cloth inner and as like the others comes with 2 nice sized microfiber inserts. I only ever use one insert with my babies even over night and have not had a single leak yet!
Fits 8-36 pounds

Cost for the OS Heavy Duty Diaper with 2 inserts: $6.99
(Comes in Lime, Red, Baby Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue & Olive-suede cloth inner and White, Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Purple,& Pink- Microfleece inner)

One Size Snap Closure Diaper
(Round tab version)
This diaper has a suede cloth inner as well but has a snap closure instead of velcro. It is a one size pocket diaper and will fit your baby from 8-36 pounds. KaWaii Baby also carries a round tab version with a slightly different snap set up, microfleece inner and with a white edging.

Cost for One Size Snap Closure Diaper (Round Tab) with 2 inserts: $6.99
(Comes in Lime, Purple, Aqua/White Edging or the Black)

Fun Print Cross Over Snap Version
The fun print diapers are so cute! But not only are they cute, they offer a nice secure fit. With two rows of snaps across the belly and added snaps for a smaller waist, you are sure to find the right fit for your baby. I like how this snap system is set up because with an active baby and toddler you can experience wing droop with any diaper if a secure fit is not achieved. The cross over snap holds those diaper wings in place! So nice! This diaper is also a one size diaper and so will fit from 8-36 pounds with 3 size settings.

Cost for Fun Prints Cross Over Snap OS Diaper with 2 inserts: $7.25
(Comes in Yellow, Green and Purple Sunflower prints as well as Camouflage, Circle Dot, and Unicorn Kid prints.)

Snazzy Minky One Size Diaper
This diaper cracks me up! Reminds me of the flinstones. Too cute! The Minky fabric is SUPER soft and waterproof. The Snazzy Minky OS diapers have either a microfleece or suede cloth inner (depending on which print you choose). This diaper gives a nice overall fit. It is slightly bigger than the others and is made to fit babies from 8-44 pounds! This is good news for those of you with super chunky babies.

Cost for the Snazzy Minky OS Diaper with 2 inserts: $8.95
(Comes in Black Polka Dot, Blue Stripe Velvet, Moo Cow, Leopard, Brown Symbol, Pink Heart, Zebra, and Brown Spotted Cow in either velcro or snap closure)

One Size Happy Leak Free Diaper Cover
If you really want to get your cloth diapering cost down, you may want to consider using prefold cloth diapers with covers. The advantage of this is, as long as covers are not soiled they can be reused without having to wash. You may want to give your covers a quick wipe down and let them air dry between diaper changes. I will go over how many covers you will need to cloth diaper this way in just a moment.
The KaWaii Baby diaper cover is even more cost effective because it is a one size. It will size down to fit babies as small as 8 pounds but allows you to use on toddlers as big as 36 pounds. My 2 year old is about 20 pounds now and he has plenty of grow room with this cover.

Cost for the OS Happy Leak Free Diaper Cover: $4.50
(Comes in both velcro or snap closure in the following colors; white, lime, yellow, pink, light blue and dark blue)

Goodnight Heavy Wetter One Size Diaper
What makes these diapers nighttime diapers? Well, each diaper is made from multi-layer Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a composition specifically adapted to produce non-porous membranes exhibiting waterproof and water vapor transmissible. High performance, durable, excellent water-resistant, cut and tear resistance and soft. The inserts for these diapers are a multi-layer of fluffy microfiber and are XL for the heavy wetter. Surprisingly enough, these diapers are not bulky. I use them for everyday use as well as nighttime. If your child is a heavy wetter all the time, this may be the solution you are looking for.

Cost for the Goodnight Heavy Wetter Diaper with 2 inserts: $7.75
Comes in White, Green, and Purple Animal Print (snap closure) or
Lime Green and Green Apple (Velcro Closure)

Green Baby Minky Bamboo One Size Diaper
The Minky Bamboo Diaper is comprised of a breathable waterproof Minky Outer Cover and has 2 ultra soft bamboo terry inserts. Bamboo fabric can adjust to your body temperature, when you touch the surface of the insert, you will feel it is cooler than the regular inserts, It has very fast wicking properties, it is 3-4 times more absorbent than regular diapers.

Minky is a polyester plush velour (feels like mink fur). It is a high quality fabric, very durable and soft, laminated with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Inner layer is made of organic bamboo terry. Each diaper comes with 2 bamboo inserts. Inserts are made of 3 layers, 2 layers of 100% organic Bamboo and the middle layer is microfiber to help absorption. For use on smaller babies or newborn, it is long enough to fold in half, which gives you 12 layers of extra absorbency.

This diaper will fit your baby from birth to potty training (8-36 pounds).

Cost for the Green Baby Minky Bamboo One Size Diaper with2 inserts: $10.50
(Comes in bright blue, creme, brown, pink and baby blue)

so now that I have introduced you to these great cloth diapers let me break down the savings for you. Most one size pocket diapers with 2 inserts cost on average $14 to $25 depending on the brand. The average KaWaii Baby OS pocket diaper is around $7. For one child you will need a minimum of 20 diapers (enough to last 2 days of diapering) although I personally recommend 30 for 1 child as you will want enough diapers in your rotation to keep your diapers in good shape. This will ensure they last for another child.

20 brand X OS diapers x $19.00 (this is the most common price) = $380.00

20 KaWaii Baby OS diapers x $7.00= $140.00

Overall Savings= $240.00

That is almost 75% less than the average cost for your cloth diaper start up!

KaWaii Baby also offers FREE SHIPPING on orders of 10 diapers or more and discounts if you buy bundle deals (10, 12, 15, or 20 of the same diaper type). This gives you even greater opportunity to save on your start up cost!

Now let's look at another route to lower your diapering cost....
Prefold diapers and covers!

Most of us like the convenience of a OS pocket diaper but if you are on the tightest budget and simply can't afford even the pocket diapers, this is a cheaper alternative. When you cloth diaper using prefold diapers and covers, you can reuse covers. This means you will only need approximately 6 covers and 24 prefold diapers. Since KaWaii Baby's covers are one size you will not need to buy additional sizes down the road (aka: greater savings!)

Here's the breakdown:
6 OS KaWaii Baby Happy Leak Free Covers x $4.50= $27.00
24 KaWaii Baby Chinese Prefold Diapers ($18.90 per dozen) x 2= $37.80
Total cost for full time cloth diapering=$64.80

There you have it! You can cloth diaper your baby full time for as little as $64.80 to $140. Your diapers will last you until potty training and beyond (to younger siblings) and you will save approximately $1,400 on diapers from birth to potty training with 1 child. The savings will increase with use on younger siblings! AWESOME!!

If you would like to try a variety of KaWaii Baby cloth diapers to see what you think, you can make a custom order. Email your order to:
Please make your payments through Paypal.

Luv Your Baby Products also offers a discounted co-op rate for groups of moms with a total order or 60 diapers or more. This is a great way to save even more on your diapers! Think about women in your church group or play group! Email for more information.

I hope this Fluff Talk Thursdays post will be a blessing to many a mom who did not think cloth diapering was an affordable option. I know you will be pleased with the quality and service you receive from KaWaii Baby. I am very impressed and have purchased more diapers since my review order. I don't "need" more diapers, but they are such a great price and so I can use that excuse to feed my cloth diaper addiction! Haha.

Today's Assignment:
I want to hear your money saving tips when it comes to cloth diapering. Have you learned how to buy cloth diapers on the cheap? How did you get the money together for the start up cost? Leave a comment below or blog about it! We all want to know your secrets to affordable cloth diapering! If you blog, be sure and grab my Fluff Talk Thursdays button for your post and come back here to link up your post.

Thank you to Luv Your Baby Products who provided me
cloth diapers at discount for my review.

All opinions are my own and no other compensation
was received to conduct this review.
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Eliza Rae said...

I'm to the point where I'm gonna start potty training my daughter so I won't buy any cloth diapers right now. But at these prices I am FOR SURE buying cloth for any babies we have in the future. Thank you so much for this post.

Tracey said...

Wow, those are the cheapest and they look great too! Thanks! I am trying to put together a quick post for your linky. I am a very cheap diaper user. :)

MamaMonkey said...

Oh this look wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I have not come across this good of deal for cloth diapers before. I spent way more for my start up too. Luckily, I had baby shower money. I think I may still buy a few of these though. Great post by the way...very thorough. Your boys are adorable too!

Michelle - Mom of 3 Munchkins said...

Wow! I wish I heard about these soon and saved a bunch of money too! That is a great price and they look like great diapers! Thanks for sharing!


Oh I'm so excited. I'm so interested.

Sarah J. said...

Thanks for the info, Beth!! I am starting to panic that we aren't going to have enough diapers to diaper 2, especially since it takes so long to wash in our frontloader! Of course, DH thinks we will be fine. It will be good to have the link, when I'm right. ;o) Going to make a wish list now and hopefully she has a good non-microfiber selection. I have so much trouble with it!

Melissa said...

I've been needed to add to my stash of one size and I will try this brand out! Thanks so much for the tip.

Chari said...

WOW! Such a great deal! I'm needing a few more diapers anyway and I want to try these. Thanks for sharing in detail about the ones you used!

Southern Belle said...

Terrific post! Oh, how I wish I had read this a year ago. I love the price of the diapers you showed. If they work as well as you say they do I would love to purchase some.

Temberton said...

My 3 children are all too old for diapers, but posts like this REALLY make me wish I had used cloth diapers with them. Based on your calculations, a newly pregnant woman could save enough for cloth diapering by putting away $10 - $20 per month during her pregnancy. Cool!

girlsmom0406 said...

What a great post! I don't have time to blog but I was going to mention Smartipants. I love mine, I really do. But you sure can't beat the prices for the Kawaii babies! I might just have to try some out, I need to find a nighttime diaper...

Melissa said...

Do you know where they are made? I looked on the web site but couldn't find any "about us".

Mandy All said...

girlsmom0406, we use Smartipants for daytime/naps too. I love them, but they do not work well for nighttime, even with extra inserts. I think its because the inserts can poke out of the sleeve and wick moisture.

We experimented a bit and now have 2 leakproof solutions for my 8 month old son, who sleeps 11-12 hours. One is a Thirsties Duo Wrap w/Stay Dry Duo insert (it has a microfiber insert and a hemp insert that snap together). Another is a OS FuzziBunz w/included insert plus a Loopy-Do insert. Both of these options work wonderfully for us, maybe they would work for you too :)

Eliza Rae said...

I am still SO EXCTIED about these diapers. When we get money I'm buying some. I don't care that I'm close to potty training my daugher. I want them now.

Tamara said...

Yes, that prefold deal I found was amazing! And, since I didn't start with cloth until Emma was 6 months old, I didn't have to worry about all the newborn sizes. However, for baby number 2, I will be using cloth from the beginning, so hopefully I can find just as good a deal! I'm really kicking myself for missing out on the coop deal!!!!

Amy Matthews said...

My CDing mommy friends and I have talked it over, we are going to order, now we just have to decide which to choose from! So many great options!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for such a helpful post! Where do I find the Pure & Natural style with rise snaps? On the link from your post ( it seems that there are no snaps and that you are supposed to roll down the top of the diaper to fit smaller babies. I'd definitely try this style if it did have snaps... Do you know if this is a new design?

HappilyDomestic said...


Well, the pure and Natural diaper I received did have the rise adjustment. I am not sure why the ones on the site show a roll down method. My suggestion would be to email April at the LuvYourBaby company and ask. She is real quick at answering emails. :-)

Mama Bennie said...

I have been using the fun prints for a while, and I have the diaper covers....I LOVE them both A lot. My 2 year old is chunky though, and the covers sometimes leave red marks on her thighs because of her jumping around so much.

Soon2beMama said...


I emailed April about the pure and naturals with rise snaps and she got back to me very quickly. She does not have pictures of the rise snap version on her website so I was wondering if you could take a picture of the one you have on the small rise because I am completely curious as to whether or not they'd work on a newborn. I can't wait to start my KaWaii stash! lol

Kjirsten Hope said...

My friend and I are both cloth fanatics and were so excited about the Kawaii diapers. HOWEVER after doing some research- these diapers are definitely made in China and the way they are made and by whom is extremely sketchy.

I personally can't justify saving a buck (or even a couple hundred) when the company won't give me a straight answer of how these diapers are made (sweat shops? maybe?) especially when I could be putting something unsafe on my daughter's bottom.

Now, I realize there are many things I own that are made in China and that many of the places I shop support Planned Parenthood (I am very pro-life) However, after must thought and tempting prints- I can't justify in anyway buying these diapers.

Kristy said...

Hello, I think these diapers look good and are definately cheaper than the name brands I've seen. However I started cloth diapering to stretch my budget, and so it is hard for me to justify buying things that I don't truly need. I would like to encourage others out there who, like me would like to cloth diaper to keep from spending money on diapers. You can cloth diaper for next to nothing. I made prefolds out of flannel sheets and old recieving blankets. I am using the rubber pants I origially bought for potty training one of my older children, and the diaper pins I got at my baby shower 12 years ago. Additionally, I use baby washcloths with a water/babywash solution for wipes. I make my own laundry detergent and use viniger for fabric softener. Both of which work great, and are really economical. I've probably spent no more than $5 to diaper my baby.
If you don't sew you can use flannel recieving blankets and fold them like people used to all the time. There are several websites where you can learn how to fold flat diapers. I even found a website that shows how to fold a t-shirt into a diaper. I tried it and it works! (Just search for t-shirt diaper.) So if you've got the money or want to find it badly enough, buy these or any other cloth diapering thing which tickles your fancy :) and more cloth diapering power to you! However if you want to use cloth and/or really can't put the money out on diapers rest assured that you can diaper your baby for almost free.

Heather said...

Thank you for this thorough review. I have spent hours researching CD this week in preparation for my November due date. However, having to go back to work 6-9 months after the baby comes (and probably having a hard time finding a day care that will allow cloth), figuring in extra utility costs, plus the fact that I've always bought Walmart/Target diapers, made my best case scenario a financial draw. I still want to do more research on Kawaii (longevity for one thing), but I am encouraged that my CDing dream isn't over! (I used disposables with my first baby, butreally want to CD this time. I guess it just seems more personal, and those colors and prints are adorable!)

newclothmom said...

So does the pure and natural diaper comes with snap rises or not? Or do you have to ask for them? I would love this diaper if it does come with snap rises because I want to cloth my daughter from birth and don't want to wait till she is big enough for other cloth diapers! Also I have heard that the kawaii diapers r more wider and bulkier between the legs then other cloth diapers is that true?.... and would u know if the inserts would fit gpants?..

newclothmom said...

I talked to april the p&n dipes do come in snap rises now...awsome..... I'm due in jan. And still haven decided what dipes I want to use... I was goin with gdiapers want kawaiis too but getting both might be to exspensive... has anyone used the kawaii covers with a disposable insert? Does it work I might use those for outings and skip gs all together?.... any comments would help!

EssentialBirthMommy said...

So if I were to buy the approximate 20 diapers to start with, would I need to buy extra inserts as well, or is what it comes with enough?

I'm new to cloth diapers and have been looking into Kawaii as MY brand for a while because it's so inexpensive and want to make sure it's worth it & durable enough at that price.

So say my daughter is wearing a OS snap closure and has one insert in the pocket and has a pee diaper, do I simply change the insert and wipe off the inside? Breastfed poo I would change the whole thing? Solid toddler poos as long as not soiled, flush the poo, wipe off the inner part, change the insert?


HappilyDomestic said...

Essential Birth Mommy- Well, I guess I first need to determine which diapers you are talking about. If you are wanting the one size pocket diapers then my answer is No, you do not change out inserts and wipe down the inside. They are not covers that can do this. A pocket diaper holds the insert "inside" the diaper, therefore the entire diaper shell and insert will be soiled and need to be placed in a pail after each use. These type diapers are most popular for their convenience as once stuffed you use just as you would a disposable.
The type of diapers you wipe out and re-use are pre-folds with covers. However, with the Kawaii covers you need to lightly rinse and air dry. Basically, you can re-use again within the same day but not within the same diaper change.
I personally prefer the pocket diapers myself. I have been very pleased with my KaWaii diapers and feel they are worth purchasing. If you can get a group of moms together to order, you can even do a coop purchase and save quite a bit. You do have to place a min. order of 60, but it is well worth it. To do this, email their company and ask to be part of their coop program.
One last thing, I think you will need at least 24 diapers for 1 child. This is a better number as you want a few extras for your baby to wear on "wash day".
Good luck with cloth diapering and please let me know if you need more advice! I am happy to help. :-)

PS- You will NOT need to buy extra inserts. Each diaper comes with 2 which is more than enough. :-)

EssentialBirthMommy said...

Ok, I understand now. There's so many different styles of cloth diapers that all the lingo gets very confusing! Yes, I was talking about the Kawaii one-size pocket diapers. That's a good tip to know that I could just rinse and reuse the same day.

Unfortunately, where I live there aren't a lot of cloth diapering moms, our city doesn't seem to be very green overall in the baby dept. So it might be hard for me to find other moms to coop with...

Thanks for your help!

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