Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kushies Ultra-Lite AIO Cloth Diapers Review and Coupon Code!

If you are a parent with a small baby or toddler then you have probably heard of the name Kushies. Kushies carries a wide variety of baby products from layette sets, toys, swimwear, nursing gear, blankets and cloth diapers. They have been a leader in their industry in both Canada and the United States. Parents worldwide have enjoyed Kushies products and they have become a trusted name in many homes.

When I discovered Kushies had come out with a new version of their popular Ultra Diapers, I knew I wanted to try them. I was sent a 5 pack of their boy print Ultra-Lite AIO cloth diapers. I have not tried many AIO diapers and was curious as to how these diapers compared.

The Ultra-Lite diapers are made of 6 layers of 100% soft cotton-flannel with a special absorbent soaker layer inside, and a lightweight waterproof shell on the outside. They contain velcro closures and are indeed a lightweight diaper.

The Kushies Ultra-Lite comes in a variety of fun prints and solid colors for both boys and girls. They offer an infant size diaper that fits babies from 10-22 pounds and also a toddler diaper from 22-45 pounds. I felt these diapers were true to size. We tried the infant size as both my baby boys are under 20 pounds. The diapers fit them both wonderfully.

I am pleased with the overall, fit and function of these AIO cloth diapers. My babies seem quite comfortable and the diapers have done a great job of absorbing. No leaks at all! All in one diapers are probably the easiest diapering system you can use. Dads love them! There is nothing complicated about them....simply take on and off just as you would a disposable diaper.

Kushies cloth diapers are also very affordable. You will only pay $12.49 for the Infant Ultra-lite and $13.99 for the Toddler Ultra-lite. You can purchase them separately, with a trial pack, or in a set of 5 for best value. Click here to see Kushies complete line of cloth diapers.

You can purchase Kushies cloth diapers as well as the many other wonderful baby products they sell directly from Kushies online store. Click here to shop. Enter coupon code happilydomestic2010 at checkout and receive 10% off your ENTIRE order!

Thank you to Kushies who provided me with the products for review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review.
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Christal said...

Thanks for the review! I've been intrigued by and investigated several of the cloth diapering options, but in talking with a number of moms the roadblock has always been the cleaning part and the extra mile usually required (not to mention the ick factor).

Many moms mentioned needing to wash the diapers at least twice to ensure they were thoroughly cleaned (which of course, started to question the environmentally friendliness of cloth). What was your experience on the cleaning/washing side and how many diapers would you need to have not to do laundry multiple times in a week just for the diapering?

Tutsy A. said...

Christal - I've been using cloth diapers for 9 months, and it's not icky or too much work at all. If you want to wash every three days you should have about 24 diapers, and to wash I do a cold rinse, a hot wash, and a cold rinse. Then I line dry. It has not changed my water bill in any significant way.

I'm having trouble with the coupon code...

HappilyDomestic said...


I emailed Kushies regarding the coupon code. Hopefully the problem will be fixed asap. Sorry about that.


As far as the Ick deal with poop whether you use cloth or disposable. I was my diapers every other day. It is not a hassle at all. If you stay on top of washing you won't have to do multiple washes to remove stink.
I also recommend having 25-30 diapers to keep your diapers from wearing out.
As Tutsy mentioned you only need to do a cold rinse, long hot wash, followed by an additional rinse.
If you want more info. on cloth diapering I suggest reading my Fluff Talk Thursday posts. I have covered a lot of cloth diapering topics. YOu can find the link to all my post on my right hand side bar "labels".
Hope this helps! :-)

MamaMonkey said...

I have not tried these. I would like some AIO diapers for when we are out and about. Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

These are still by far my favorite "workhorse" diapers. I give these out to my daycare and family members who watch my bb as they're so easy to use even for non cd'ers.

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