Monday, July 12, 2010

Summers Here... Do You Have Swim Diapers For Your Baby?

Having a little one in diapers does not mean water activities must be avoided. There are many options for parents when it comes to choosing swim diapers. If you are one of those parents who has only bought disposable swim diapers.... I am here to tell you there is a better way.

Personally, I do not see the logic behind disposable swim diapers. The minute the baby hits the water the swim diaper fills with water and becomes big, heavy, and droopy. If your baby were to go #2 that diaper would not be holding it in! Why do we want our precious babies weighted down? Isn't the point of swimming to move about freely in the water? I would have to compare disposable swim diapers to jumping in the pool wearing jeans. Not comfortable.

First off, a swim diaper will not absorb urine. This is an oxi-moron and why disposable swim diapers that absorb are so silly. The purpose of a swim diaper is solely to catch the #2 messes. This is where cloth swim diapers come in.....

Cloth swim diapers are light weight and breathable. They allow your baby the most comfort while playing in the pool or enjoying other water activities. They fit snug around your baby and will not droop down once wet. They are also quite adorable!

Diaper Junction sent me 2 pair of swim diapers for review, one by Bummis and the other by Imse Vimse. Let me share my thoughts on these two brands.

Imse Vimse

The Imse Vimse swim diaper is a bikini style diaper made trim to fit under other swim wear. It can be pulled on like underwear which is great for toddlers. It opens on one side for easy changes if an accident were to occur. Made from soft, stretchy nylon with elastic at waist and thighs bound in soft lycra.

This swim diaper comes in 5 different sizes from newborn to x-large and 14 different adorable prints.

Cost: $13.95

My thoughts: The Imse Vimse swim diaper seems to be real comfortable for my son to wear. It fits him well. I do like the fact that it is trim cut allowing use of his regular swim trunks. I must admit, I am not thrilled with the side snap feature. For some toddlers I can see how this would be handy, but my son still lies down to be changed. Having to fish his leg through a hole makes taking the diaper on and off more of a challenge. I think also that if your baby should happen to go #2, sliding the diaper off the one leg could cause a mess. Overall, I feel this is a nice swim diaper, I would prefer if the diaper opened from both sides.

Little E sporting his Imse Vimse swim diaper!

The Bummis swim diaper is built more like your typical cloth diaper cover, you use it as is. It has a soft cotton outer and a polyester mesh fabric inner. It has stretchy, but soft, lycra bindings to protect baby's tender skin from rough elastics. With velcro fasteners you can achieve a comfortable fit on your baby as he/she grows.

This swim diaper comes in 3 sizes (sm, med, and large) and 5 fun prints.

Cost: $12.75
My thoughts: I found the Bummis swim diaper to be very easy to use. Opening from each side, this diaper is easy to put on and take off. I was able to get a snug fit on my skinny 2 year old despite the fact this diaper ran a bit large on him. The velcro stayed fastened the entire time and my son seemed nice and comfortable. If your baby is a master at opening his velcro diapers, I suggest putting a pair of swim trunks over this diaper. Overall, I was quite pleased with the Bummis swim diaper and for only $12.75 it is worth every penny!

Swim diapers make sense for today's little swimmers. They are more comfortable for our babies and toddlers, better for our environment and will last long enough to be used on multiple children.

Shop Diaper Junction for all your swim diaper needs. Use coupon code SWIMBABY to receive 10% off your swim diaper purchase!

Thank you to Diaper Junction who provided me with the products for review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review.
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Sarah J. said...

As a swim instructor and former swim coach, I want my babies to love the water as much as I do. As a cloth diaper exclusive family, reusable swim diapers are the only way to go!!
I have both of these swim diapers. My son outgrew the Imse Vimse before we had a chance to really give it a good test.
This is the second summer that we are able to use the Bummis. There were 2 things I didn't particularly like about it- #1 I'm used to laundry tabs and #2 semi-solid poo in the mesh is NOT fun to clean out. But I do like that in a pinch, it can be used with a prefold as a diaper cover! Also since it does seem to run big, the same diaper fit my chunky baby last summer and still fits him now as a skinny toddler. We have totally gotten our money's worth!
E is looking so grown up and adorable as always! :o)

HappilyDomestic said...


Thanks for your comment! :-) This is all good to know. E has not gone #2 the times that I have used these, so I wasn't able to give a good opinion in that area. I agree...reusable swim diapers are the best!

newmami_rgv said...

OMG! I so wish that I could use a reusable swim diaper... but my LO is afraid of water. We've tried about three times to take her to our local pool and even in our own backyard, but no go. I didn't even use a swim diaper, I just put her bathing suit on (nakey). Hopefully next summer we will be able to try them out!

Mummatutu said...

I use reusable swim diapers all the time but couldn't find it in my budget to purchase an ACTUAL swim diaper. I use either BumGenius 3.0 or FuzziBunz with the thin infant/booster insert from BumGenius in the pocket. I use the insert just in case she piddles on the way to the pool. I've also used the GroBaby covers and all have worked perfectly without the added purchase. Just thought I would mention that to all the other moms out there in case they didn't want the added purchase.

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