Saturday, July 24, 2010

What a Housewife Looks Like

According to Dreamstime stock photos a housewife is....


Has a crazed look in her eyes

A little insane

Hates herself and her life

Abuses her husband

Stays in her jammies all hours of the day

Is ready to kill anyone who does not obey her commands

Has some nasty habits

Basically she MUST be crazy to stay at home, right?

WRONG!!!! This is not at all what a housewife looks like. A housewife who truly feels called to her duties at home is glad for each new day. She takes great pleasure in caring for her family. She loves her husband and although thoughts of hitting him over the head with a fry pan may cross her mind from time to time...she controls herself. Instead she bakes him a cake and serves it with a smile. She loves her children and her life. She wears normal clothes and has her hair styled before noon (most days). She cares about her health and refrains from any harmful substances. She is happy and feels blessed to be at home for she knows her job is an important one!
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Tamara said...

Well said!

Melissa said...

Thanks but I do have to say I look like some of these pics every now and then! LOL

Sarah B. said...

lol, I have been guilty of staying in my pajamas for most of the day, but I usually try to wear normal clothes before the hubby comes home for lunch.

I also noticed in the pictures that every housewife feels the need to have curly hair. I, on the other hand, don't know when I could find time to roll my hair!

Big Mama said...

Well Said! Except I don't have my hairstyled by noon, does a messy bun by 12:30 count?? LOL!

Mommy Of Two Little Blessings said...

Though I am sure we all have days where we may feel like one of the above pictures, it's not the "normal" feelings we have about the blessing of being home. It's more about the needs of our family and the community in which we live. Once the children are old enough to learn about giving back we can branch out side the home a bit by teaching how to give to others in need of something be that food, friendship, gardening, cooking, child care, what have you. We can teach them to give back in some way and still be "stay-at-home Mommas". It's a blessed calling that we have been allowed to do. We ought to find ways to enjoy it and turn to Christ on the days when we feel like one of the above pictures. *big smile* Know that God is love. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

I LOVE you! :)

Chari said...

You know, we always say how the the role of fathers have been devalued in today's society, but this just goes to show that it is equally with the role of mothers. Although being a SAHM is not easy I think we have been put down from those in society (namely, other women) who feel guilty about their decision not to stay home. Therefore the role of motherhood in this aspect (a SAHM) is criticized that we do not enjoy what we do. I think we also must be careful to keep good attitudes (not just for the sake of others to see, but for our families) about our role as mothers who stay home.

JustCorey said...

For the most part i do stay in my pjs a majority of the day and my hair is never styled except a messy bun (like one of the other commenters) or in a pony tail. I usually only get dressed when i know i am going somewhere. But one time i did get dressed and did my hair for no reason and when my husband came home he decided to take me out. (hmm...maybe i should do that more often... lol)

I do agree with everything else you said. I take pride in knowing i can stay home with my son, take care of myself, and serve my husband without the added stress of a job outside of the home.

I am truly blessed that my husband supports me being a SAHM!

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