Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scholastic Book Clubs- Not just for public schools!

I am sure all of you are familiar with Scholastic Book Clubs. Did you know homeschool families can sign up for the book club?! Simple fill out the account form here. This is great because you can purchase books for great prices, earn free books for your family (aka-school) and receive great teacher resources! The Scholastic Book Club is for preschoolers all the way up to 12th grade!

Scholastic Book Clubs
Scholastic Book Clubs are the easiest and most affordable way to find and order the books kids love.

  • Age-Appropriate, High-Quality Books
  • Nice & Easy Pricing
  • Reading-Level Information for Every Book
  • Free Books and Classroom Material
Happy Reading!
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1 comment:

Chari said...

I have such fond memories of the book fairs when I went to public school before I was homeschooled. Just signed up! Thanks!

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