Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursdays- Cloth Diaper Mama, coming in November!

I haven't done Fluff Talk Thursdays in awhile and have had some of you say you miss it. I decided it was time to stop being lazy and get back into this. Honestly, I have been a bit discouraged by the lack of interest I have had the past few FTT posts. Is this a meme you all wish for me to continue? I would love your input!!

I decided to dedicate the month of November to all you cloth mamas and do "Cloth Diaper Mama Month". Each week I will feature 3 cloth diapering mamas during Fluff Talk Thursday! I will post a short interview with you, pictures you want to share, and give you a chance to introduce yourself to my readers.

Email me @ by November 1st if you wish to be included during the 1st week. Deadline for all other participants is November 10th. Once I hear from you I will email a list of questions for you to answer and we will go from there!

*Once the 12 FTT Cloth Diaper Mama slots have been filled, I am not obligated to share your story. Sorry*
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newmami_rgv said...

Ohh! Great news... just sent ya an email!

whocg23 said...

This is a really neat idea! I love hearing about other cloth mamas. I may just have to send you an email. :) I love your fluff talk Thursdays. There have been some, that I love the post, I just don't feel qualified to write my own follow up post, but you have had some great FTTs!

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