Thursday, October 21, 2010

My favorite natural remedies for babies and children

Last week my husband, children and I had the stomach bug...this week a horrid cold!! I thought I would share some of my favorite natural children's remedies. One of my friends is a big natural living guru. She has given me many tips over the past few years and I have learned a lot from her. Whenever we are sick or have an issue going on, I call her to ask what I should do! Who needs a doctor? Haha. Anyway, these products are among my absolute favorites and I highly recommend them.

Gaia Herbs Ear Drops for children is what I like to call "Miracle Drops". These ear drops are AMAZING! Seriously, I had such a bad ear ache one time that I had to constantly lay down to bear the pain. I put these drops in and within an hour I had no ear ache at all!!! And these drops are for kids, but worked well on me. I have used them numerous times on my children and have had the same results. You can purchase these at natural grocery stores or online for only about $5 a bottle.
BabyLife by Solaray is a probioitic for infants, children and nursing women. It comes in a unflavored, non-dairy powder and is great for everyday digestional health as well as boosting the immunity. Since the powder is tasteless you can easy get your babies and children to eat it. I mix my baby's up in his morning baby cereal. Probiotics are great for those times baby has diarrhea. You can also purchase this at a natural grocery store (I shop Vitamin Cottage) or online, cost is about $15.

When your baby's and children are sick, it is time to add extra vitamin C into their systems. Hylands make these little chewables that dissolve quickly making it great for young children. Cost $5.

Carlson Labs offers Vitamin D drops for both infants and children. Vitamin D has been proven to help boost immunity and help keep sicknesses such as H1N1 at bay. Given your child a daily dose of D is a simple way to help your child stay healthy all year long. Vitamin D drops are pretty much tasteless so you will not be fussing with your little ones trying to get this down. You can also add to their food or drink. $28 but will last you a whole year!

Wish Garden Herbs sells a whole line of children's herbal remedies and you can view the full line here. I have not tried all their products for children, but the Kick It Immune is one I try to always have on hand in my medicine cabinet. It works great when used at first sign of sickness. Your children can also take this daily as a preventative. Now, this IS a liquid and does not taste the best if given strait, however when added to even a small bit of water it tastes much better. $10 or so depending where you buy it.

This is a great alternative to using products such as Mentholatum. The Aromatic Chest Rub by Badger Balm is 100% Organic, safe and natural. It contains ingredients such as Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, etc. It is every bit as powerful and effective as Mentholatum without the harmful ingredients. I have used this on my babies as young as age 4 months or so, but please use caution when using this on small children as it can be burning to their eyes. A safe alternative for babies may be to put a bit of the chest rub on a rag and lay it in their crib. Check out Badger Balm for other helpful balms. $10 for 2 oz. container.

I hope this has been helpful. I know when my children are sick I like to find healthier alternatives to help them get through. What are your favorite natural remedies?

*I am not a doctor, just a mom writing about products our family has used and liked. I cannot be held responsible for any bad side effects you have from using these products.*
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Sarah J. said...

I heard about Badger Balm soon after my son was born, but couldn't find it locally. I just discovered at a health food store about an hour from me earlier this year. I hope I can find the chest rub! I used to put a very small dab of vick's or mentholatum on the bottom of my son's feet so the smell wouldn't overwhelm him. I hated using it on him, so thank you for the alternative!! :o)

Annie said...

thank you for sharing these! I am always looking for natural things as oposed to Tyelnol and Sudafed. Thanks Beth!

Tamara said...

Thanks for posting this, it's very timely and informative!!! I'm gonna do looking for a few of these.

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