Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures from our Denver trip!

Thought I would share some of our pictures from our recent Denver trip. I put them together in these collages so not to make this post extra long. Click on images to see larger.

Our room at Embassy Suites
I love the picture of Baby J crying in the crib! Haha!

The first night we ate dinner at Casa Bonita.
Their food is nothing to brag about but it is a lot of fun. They have divers, fire jugglers, a stage show, and the building is HUGE! Casa Bonita has an arcade, gift shop, haunted cave, etc. If your ever in Denver, I recommend checking it out!

The 2nd day we visited the King Tut's Tomb Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. This is a traveling exhibit so maybe it will be in your town next! Totally worth checking out. It is amazing seeing Egyptian jewlery, dolls, chairs, coffins, statues, etc that are as old as Moses! Very interesting!

King Tot The Great
(love the eyebrows)

This collage is of the outside of the Denver Art Museum.
I love the architecture! Amazing!

The Imax theater at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science recently got new screens, sound, etc. We watched "Hubble 3D" about the Hubble telescope. Since I am teaching the kids about Astronomy this year in Science, this was a real treat for us all. We truly have an amazing God to create such a marvelous universe!

A visit to the Denver Children's Museum was was had by all. But, to whoever brought the flu bug germs with them...NOT COOL!I love the picture with Little E and the fireman. Adorable!

You should have seen my son "C" going into the Lego store!!! He was SO excited I thought he would have a heart attack!! We let the kids do the "Pick a Brick" where you fill up a container with Legos. The kids also brought their own money they have earned in school and they bought a couple cheaper sets.

Lastly, we visited the Denver Zoo. It was perfect weather, all the animals were out and about, and the kids behaved wonderfully. We couldn't have asked for a better zoo visit. The only thing I would recommend doing when you visit this zoo is to pack in your own lunch. We paid $30 for greasy hamburgers that didn't even have lettuce or tomatoes on them!!! Rip off!

That was our trip! I love taking mini-trips. Makes dealing with everyday life a little easier. We all need a break now and again.
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Libby's Library said...

I love the Denver Zoo - not too big and not too small.

Sarah J. said...

We travel to Southern CO every summer, but it has been a while since I visited Denver. Looks like you all had a great time! :o)

Southern Belle said...

what fun-filled days you had. the pictures were terrific. thanks for the tour of denver. = )

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