Thursday, October 14, 2010


In case you have been wondering where in the world I am...I thought I better give a quick update. My family and I went out of town on the 8th as we had to take Little E to the Children's Hospital in Denver to see a few specialist. As I mentioned previously, he has had some pretty severe gross motor delays. He has been seen by a neurologist 3 times, had all kinds of tests done and no one seems to be able to figure out what is going on. This time the Neuro. wanted him to see a Neuro-muscular doc as well as a few others.

The appointment went real well. The Neuro-muscular doc was very reassuring that she did not feel E has any type of muscular disorder. He does have low tone and loose ligaments. She said that he may fatigue faster than other children and may need more sleep. This is interesting because he has always been so mellow and he sleeps ALOT. We will be meeting with a Geneticist in the spring to rule out any other possibilities. E is VERY tiny for his age and quite skinny. We just want to make sure we are not overlooking anything. I feel encouraged regarding all this. I know our little guy is going to be okay. Praise God for good reports!

The rest of our trip to Denver was spent having fun. We stayed 3 nights at the Embassy Suites Hotel, visited the Kind Tut's Tomb Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum (very interesting!), took the kids to the Children's Museum, Zoo, IMAX Hubble 3D movie, and to the Lego store (my oldest thought he died and gone to heaven!). We had a great time together.

When we returned home one by one each of us came down with a stomach bug! My turn was last night and today I have been so weak and tired. My husband was real sick and had to stay home from work (something he NEVER does). I will be glad when this is over!

My husband's dad (from WA state) and brother (who lives in N.J.) will be here this weekend. All the guys are taking a 1 week camping trip in the Utah dessert. It has been hard to get prepared for this with us being gone and then sick. We will spend the next two days cleaning like mad and preparing meals for the guys. Life seems insanely busy at the moment. I look forward to when it slows down again.

Now... I KNOW I need to end the 2 giveaways that ended on the 10th and I will do that tonight! I promise. Thanks for everyone's understanding.

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ReneeK said...

Denver Children's Hospital is a wonderful place. They were their for my daughter in the beginning when we were searching for answers. Then they helped us establish Dr's when we moved from Denver to Wichita, KS so I could stay home with her. They helped us out last week over the phone to clear up some stuff. Will pray that you find the answers you are seeking for your your little one.

Tamara said...

Yes, praise God, he is great!!! So sorry to hear about the stomach bug, those are soooo awful! Praying you are all well very soon!! Although I have missed you around the blogosphere, your family should come first, so keep up the good work mama!! :)

Debbie Stanton said...

no worry... all of us mothers need to take all the time we need for ourselves and our family.

Southern Belle said...

What a relief that doctors visit must have been for you all! Glad your trip to Denver was such a fun experience.

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