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Fluff Talk Thursdays- Meet Our Cloth Diaper Mama's for November 18th!

Two weeks ago I introduced you to 3 cloth diaper mamas. This week I have 3 more amazing mamas for you to meet! Make sure you say hello in a comment here and be sure to visit their blogs!

Our first mama is Tara...

Name: Tara

Children: A 10 month-old daughter we like to call Blondie

Occupation: I could go on forever listing all my job titles but stay-at-home-mom covers them all!

How long have you been cloth diapering? I have been cloth diapering for almost 10 months now.

What is your favorite diaper brand and style? Oh this question is so hard to answer because it all depends on the situation. Daddy loves to use Mud Butt AI2 and I enjoy used them while out and about. I love bumGenius pockets for overnight and during the day I enjoy using SoftBums Omni covers with prefolds!

How did you get started cloth diapering? I love sharing my start into cloth diapering because it's pretty unusual and I like to say that cloth chose us! My intentions were not to use cloth diapers, I was very misinformed and thought I don't have time to pin them on, deal with the poop and then wash them! My husbands client very generously gave us about a dozen bumGenious' and they sat in our living room for about a week while I figured out how I was going to get rid of these things. I thought for sure nobody would want them and then I realized people I knew were cloth diapering and they gave me the real facts and the rest is history!

What is your best cloth diaper advice? Do your research and know that what works for one family might not work for yours. If you get the opportunity to meet with someone locally who will show you your options with diapers and answer your questions it can really help! All the information on the internet can really make cloth diapering feel overwhelming and like a lot to handle!

Tell us your funniest cloth diaper moment: I haven't had anything too funny happen yet, although my Grandma is obsessed with the snappi and I think it's so funny! The first time I changed a diaper in front of my Grandma she was amazed at the function of the Snappi, or as she calls it "bungee-cord thing", and everywhere I went with her all she would talk about was this "thing" and then I had to explain to them what she was talking about! She still hasn't gotten over this and always talks about it!

Is your husband supportive of your choice to cloth diaper? Absolutely he is! He is a very supportive husband with anything I do and when we talked about making the switch to cloth diapers he was a little taken back but he started with AIO's and then he quickly asked for me to show him how to do the bikini twist with the prefolds! He is an amazing man!

What type of comments do you receive from friends/family/strangers about your cloth diapering decision? My family and friends have been great through this whole process. I have a girlfriend who isn't even pregnant yet but LOVES to talk about cloth diapers and plans to cloth her future children. My mom has jumped right in and wanted to learned how to use the prefolds and has been great! I did have a few family members who kept asking me "How's it going, are you still using cloth?" I felt like they thought it was just a phase and it would pass. Surprisingly the strangers I have come in contact with are all for the new modern cloth diapers and I have had great experiences talking with them about cloth diapers!

Tell us a bit about yourself! I am a 25 year old stay-at-home-mom to my adoring 10 month old daughter and wife to my husband of 2 1/2 years. I live just outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and love it! I enjoy the start to my mornings with my sister, who lives in Iowa, and a cup of coffee over skype! I am very close to my family and love them dearly. I also love taking day-trips and sightseeing around Minnesota. In my free time I enjoy blogging, sewing, crocheting and just being a mom! I have found passion in spreading the word about cloth so I am a member of various sites and a discussion leader of my local cloth diapering group along with starting a drive called Fluffy Holiday to help give Twin Cities families in need cloth diapers around the holidays!


Next we have Lyn....


Children: LJ (2.5 years) and Peanut due early Feb.


How long have you been cloth diapering? We started cloth when John was about 18 months.

What is your favorite diaper brand and style? I don't really have a favorite brand, but we are in love with pocket diapers. I have actually started to make my own diapers to build our stash and prepare for diapering a newborn in cloth, which we have not done before.

How did you get started cloth diapering? I was lucky enough to have a momma at our church who uses cloth on her children and she helped me get started and learn some of the basics. Also I did research, research, and more research. I bought some gDiapers at the store thinking they would be the way we would go. I soon left them aside for a small stash of pockets I bought from sites like diaperswappers.

What is your best cloth diaper advice? For newbies, try as many brands as you can and don't sweat the small stuff. Be flexible. As my son has gotten older, our stash has changed to fit what works best. What is best at 6 months may very well be totally different at 9 months. Days at home are totally different from days out.

Tell us your funniest cloth diaper moment: We haven't had tons of funny moments, but one time shortly after we started using cloth, Hubby was the one to change our son at church and before I knew it, he was soaked. Clothes and all were totally soaked. As it turns out Hubby had put on a fitted without knowing that it needed a cover. So, we changed him up quick before we had to leave.

Is your husband supportive of your choice to cloth diaper? At first he wasn't sure about it, and I knew that I was going to be the person changing the diapers, but he has begun to come around and he will change the diapers, he just doesn't do anything with dirties, that is mommy's job. :) I think he is looking forward to all the cute diapers on our newest bundle when she gets here. :)

What type of comments do you receive from friends/family/strangers about your cloth diapering decision? My in-laws used cloth, but she is wary of the new kind. My mom doesn't even really try the whole cloth thing. She doesn't get it really. I have been able to convert one friend and she has converted others. I haven't gotten much response from strangers really. Most people don't even totally notice that he is wearing something different.

Tell us a bit about yourself! I am a SAHM/WAHM mom to a great little munchkin with another one on the way. I started my own little business to try to bring a little extra money in to the house to help out as much as I can. My husband and I have now been married for five years and together for 11. I try to save money where I can, so living frugal has become a little mission of mine. I love finding new things to try out to make life better for my family in any way that I can. I am so glad that I have been able to rekindle my love for sewing so that now I can even make some of the diapers for my son's and soon to be daughter's stash. I am just trying to make the best of the life I have been given. I am very blessed. Oh, and I love to meet moms who share passions similar to mine. :)

Website/Blog: My blog is - my blog is a little bit of everything. General life talk, cloth talk, frugal living, green living, my business talk (Lynifer), and I am working to enter the realm of reviews and giveaways as well.

Last but not least we have Chari...

Name: Chari Price

Children: 1 Two year old and 1 baby due in April

Occupation: Stay at home mom

How long have you been cloth diapering? 26 months

What is your favorite diaper brand and style? Happy Heinys in aplix. I’m a one size pocket gal all the way, but I do have a few other styles in my stash.

How did you get started cloth diapering? Before I was even pregnant with Ethan I knew that I would cloth diaper. As soon as I found out we were expecting our first baby I started doing research about cloth diapers. I could not believe how much cloth diapers had changed since my husband and I were cloth diapered by our moms!

What is your best cloth diaper advice? #1 Try all kinds! I see so many first timers buy a whole stash of ONE brand of diapers then are disappointed in cloth diapering because they don’t work and give up cloth diapering all together. Babies come in all shapes and sizes and what may work on your friends baby, may not work on yours. Buy several different brands and types and see which ones you really like. You can always sell the ones you don’t like and buy more of the ones you do like. #2 Buy seconds! There is nothing functionally wrong with seconds and you can save so much money. I have only ever bought 1 diaper over $10 a piece. Funny thing is that it was just a few weeks ago. I was positive that I am pregnant with a girl so I bought this girly diaper that was too cute (and at a good price). Guess what? I’m having a boy! Serves me right for paying more than $10 for a diaper!

Tell us your funniest cloth diaper moment: I finally broke down and bought a diaper sprayer a few weeks ago. Husband admitted that he accidentally had the sprayer turned the wrong way and sprayed the ceiling. I thought that was funny until I did it myself the next week! Needless to say I double check my sprayer before turning it on.

Is your husband supportive of your choice to cloth diaper? He is because he was cloth diapered as a baby.

What type of comments do you receive from friends/family/strangers about your cloth diapering decision? I have only received one negative comment from anyone about cloth diapering. The only people really interested in cloth diapers that comments or asks me questions about them are the ones who are looking into cloth diapering or who plan to when they have children.

Tell us a bit about yourself! I am a 30 year old stay at home mom to Ethan who is 2 years old. I have been married to Andrew since May 2004 and we are expecting our second baby, Cole, April 3rd. Blogging is a huge part of my spare time as well as crafting, and sewing up some newborn diapers for the new baby. When I’m not pregnant I love running and staying more active.

Website/Blog: Stay tuned for a cloth diaper event in January

Interested in cloth diapers but not sure how to get started? Check out my previous Fluff Talk Thursday posts here.

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Chari said...

Thanks for featuring me this week :-) I think it's interesting that all 3 of us said the same thing for the advice about cloth diapering! We're just a bunch of smart CDing mamas ;-)

Tara said...

Yes thank you for featuring me this week, it's a fun way to meet other CDing, blogging moms! And Chari that is too funny that we all offered the same advice :)

newmami_rgv said...

Hello to you mamas... I'm just so glad to see that other mamams cloth diaper, I feel like I'm the only one.

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