Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pregnant? Enter to win a high quality fetal doppler!

I rarely enter giveaways because I don't seem to have any luck at winning, but at Take Time To Smell The Rose blog, Chari is giving away a $189 value fetal doppler from Baby Beat! This is unlike any fetal doppler you will find at a retail store and is high quality. If you are pregnant or planning to be, I suggest you go enter! Of course, I personally would love to have this for our next pregnancy so I won't say good luck. ;-)
Go here to enter.
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Gianna said...

Thanks, i'm expecting #6 :)

itsme said...

hey, I'm expecting #6 as well. If you have ever gone through a traumatic loss, then you know how wonderful one of these is to help reassure you and calm your nerves. I have really wanted one. I already knew about and entered this giveaway!

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