Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cloth Diapering


We love cloth diapers at our house and feel blessed to have discovered them after having used disposable diapers for years with our two oldest children. Did you know it takes 500 years for 1 disposable diaper to decompose in the landfill? That is a lot of disgusting waste lying around our world. Did you also know by using cloth diapers you could be saving your family thousands of dollars from birth to potty training? Want to learn more? Here is links to all the cloth diaper resources on Happily Domestic. If you still need advice, please feel free to email me with any questions.

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Sew Your Own Stash (lot's of helpful links)

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My Cloth Diaper Reviews
Blue Penguin Diapers- SposoEasy

Fuzzy Bunz- OS Pocket Diaper

Haute Pockets- OS Pocket Diaper

Imse Vimse- Swim Diaper

Knicker Knappies- OS Pocket Diaper

Northern Essence- Wool Wash

Planet Wise- Pail Liner

Prairie Tales- Pocket Diaper

The Diaper Sprayer- THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

Thirsties- OS Duo Wrap

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Alyssa Walker said...

Have you ever heard of Elimination Communication? It's a great addition to cloth diapering and saves more money. I blog about it some-maybe you could share about it? I don't think many women know about EC!

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