Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Family Affair

Earlier this month we had our 20th week ultrasound. As you may know this ultrasound is kind of important. The baby is measured for size, the due date is reviewed, and if your family wants you can find out if baby is a boy or a girl. My husband and I went back and forth on deciding whether or not we would find out if baby was a boy or a girl. We did not find out with our first one and we did with our second one. My husband who had wanted to know with the first two was thinking that maybe this time we would be surprised, however, as we were discussing it my oldest heard us and said, "Oh no, please I need to know." When we asked "Why?" He said, "I need to know so that I can start planning." Yes, that is certainly our first child, he must know so that he can start planning and in fact it just makes him feel better to know (whatever the knowing may be).

After this initial conversation, I asked my husband if he thought we should take our 5 year old with us to the ultrasound. He thought it would be a great idea, at first we decided our youngest would stay for no other reason than she is a bit more energetic and is still learning how not to touch everything she sees. My husband understood my reasoning but then decided that we had to include her, it was going to be a family affair and we could not leave her out. So we approached the children with the idea of going, our son was very excited. My husband had a special talk with our daughter about how she was going to be allowed to go if she promised to keep her hands to herself. Both of them were very excited about being able to see the baby in mommy's tummy and finding out the secret - was the baby a "Boy or a Girl" In case you are wondering they both wanted a boy.

The day of our appt. came, all four us went to the appt. The waiting was a bit long, but we all managed. Once inside we had lots of questions, the utlrasound technician was great! She answered a lot of them. We were all very excited to see the Baby on a rather large big screen TV mounted on the wall directly in front of me. It was great to see the baby and then it was time, would we be able to tell - Yes, very obviously we were able to tell. "He's a Boy!" said the technician and there was a big cheer in the room. Not only were we able to tell he was a boy we later saw him sucking his thumb, to which Little Princess responded, "Baby don't do that, Mommy doesn't like our hands and fingers in our mouth!" That was very cute, and although the rest of us thought it was very funny, our youngest one was quite serious so I of course affirmed that she was correct.

Once we left the the appt. we all went to lunch, Yes, the five of us went to celebrate. We also went to Babies R Us where each of our children were able to pick out a special outfit of their choice for their little brother. They felt very happy to be doing this, since these are Baby Boy's first outfits.

We were very happy to have made this a Family Affair, the kids really understand that their baby brother is here. They talk to him and pray for him by name, and can't wait until he gets out of Mommy's tummy so that they can hold him.

If you think this would be a good idea for your family, here are some tips that may help with having everybody attend the appt.:
1) Explain beforehand what will be happening.
2) Be prepared to have to wait in the waiting room for about an hour. We played counting games, hand games, and singing games.
3) Once inside, let the children know they can ask questions but they must wait for the Technician to finish talking.
4) Let them know that only mommy gets to lay down. :-)
5) Be prepared for extra questions - if you would rather not have extra questions - you may want to leave the children at home.

For us, this was the perfect family affair - we were all together when we found out that we would be adding a new Baby Boy to our family.

Thank you to Yvana for today's guest blog post. Yvana is a wife, homeschool mother and university professor. She enjoys reading, teaching her children, photography, and teaching students how to work with children with disabilities. She and her husband felt led to homeschool her two little ones whom she refers to as Little Knight (almost 6) and Little Princess (4 years) old on her blog. They are also expecting their third child - a baby boy. You can read more about their life at her blog Grant Us Wisdom.

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Annie said...

Yvana, great post! I remember that feeling too, I found out with all three of my kids. I just kept the name a secret from anyone that wasn't husband and kids.

Southern Belle said...

Love the new blog layout and design!

Debbie Stanton said...

what a truly special moment... and making it a family affair and including the siblings is wonderful. :D Congrats

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