Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Printable Potty Chart- For Boys!

I am determined to get Little E potty trained! He will be 3 on April 11th and I would like to see him out of diapers soon! Tonight I have been searching the web for a decent potty chart. I was looking for a chart I can print for free and found a great one! Many of the potty charts online are boring or list the days of the week which I feel is a bit unnecessary. First of all, toddlers cannot even read...what do they care if it is Monday or Friday!!

I finally found what I was looking for and thought I would share in case any of you have been looking for the same thing. This potty chart has 4 rows. First row is for pulling down pants, second row is for sitting on potty, third row is for going potty and last row is for washing hands. I like this because your child can be rewarded for his/her efforts and not just going potty (because that can be discouraging). There are no days, instead there are pictures to go along with each task and stars to be colored in (or you can put stickers on). I really like it!

I know this is hard to see, I couldn't get a good image of this. Check it out full size at the link below. It is Boys Potty Chart 2 (You can choose between white or black toddler boy).

You can find this potty chart as well as the girl versions at
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Sarah J. said...

Thank you! I was trying to come up with a chart, but wasn't sure what to put on it. Tate will be 3 in August and we have sort of started working on it. This would give us more direction. Good luck!! :o)

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