Monday, February 21, 2011

Home projects have begun!

If you remember awhile back I told you how we would be moving all 3 of our boys into our room. My husband and I will be taking the 10x10 bedroom. Before we can do this, we have quite a bit of work to do! Yesterday we gave our living room's sectional couch away to a family in need. It was an old couch and we need something smaller for that room. Now that the front room is empty we will move all the contents of our bedroom out into the living room (that should be fun, not!). Next, we will be scraping the popcorn ceiling off. We will re-texture the ceiling, paint, put up new baseboards, add a new ceiling fan, new blinds, closet organizer and lastly move the boys in! They are going to have an outer space bedroom. So fun!

If this doesn't sound like enough work, we will then tackle their old room. Same things have to be done in there. Finally, we will move into the small room and then tackle our living room! It needs the ceilings scraped, new paint (walls and baseboard), new curtains and of course we now need a new couch! I wish we could get hardwood floors as our carpet is pretty shot, but there is no money for that at the moment. One step at a time!

Wish us luck, for the next couple months we will be sleeping in our family room amongst the school desks and office furniture! I'm sure my back will hate me for it.

I will be sure to take before and after shots to share with you. I really am excited to start working on this!
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