Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 365- Week 7

Sorry! I usually post my Project 365 photos on Sundays, but I was so busy with my Daydream Doll Boutique review that I ran out of time. Here they are:

J and E having fun at the indoor playground

Diaper stuffin time! Almost a daily occurrence around here.

Apple and Raisin filled Cinnamon Rolls
They were a bit dense as they were made from 100%WW flour, but it was my first try too.

Mr. C and his Star Wars Legos
"Battle Scene"

The snow melted and the kids enjoyed the warmer weather.
Yay! Spring is in the air.

The couch we gave away. So long old pal.
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1 comment:

Sarah J. said...

Ditto on the almost daily diaper stuffing! With 2 in diapers, sometimes it seems like diaper laundry is never ending. :o) Is E anywhere close to potty training? Tate has moments when I think he's ready, but so far he's only been interested in going on the potty chair once.
Those cinnamon rolls look yummy!

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