Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365- Week 8

I am surprised I remembered to take any photos this week. Influenza hit our house and all 3 of my boys were so sick. Little E was hit with the worst of it. He ran a high fever for 2 days, followed by low grade, got an ear infection and basically laid on the couch all week whining and crying for a "hug". Poor guy! He lost some weight and now weighs 2 pounds less than Baby J!! Not good. If any of you have tips on helping a toddler gain weight, please share!

E was so tired after his bath, he climbed up in our bed and fell asleep!

Playing with brother's Legos (which is NOT allowed)

Gigantic Pancake! As big as a dinner plate :-)

I finally sat down and organized my coupons into my coupon organizer. Of course I procrastinated so long that over half of them were expired.

Here is the front of the organizer. I purchased this from an ETSY seller. I love it because you can carry it to the store like a purse, it has plety of room for the checkbook and calculator and it can hook to the cart!! I am really trying to get back into couponing. My husband and I are trying to pay off all our medical debt and so have cut back our grocery budget as it was the only area we could cut back. It's very hard, but the coupons help.

Little cereal muncher!

Hiding in the curtains


Awhile back I bought a bunch of skirts and dresses at Goodwill. I found some real cute items that just needed a bit of alteration. This halter dress I turned into a skirt! I removed the gather in the chest and the straps. It was so simple and now I have a fun skirt for the spring! I think it cost all of $3.00. Can't beat that!


I love the fabric on this dress, but the dress itself is not anything I would wear. Totally immodest looking! I decided to convert it into a skirt. I removed the entire bodice and now just need to put in an elastic waist (will share the finished picture when It's complete).

This skirt is HUGE, but I LOVE the fabric. This weekend I ripped all the seams and removed the waistband. There is probably close to 4 yards fabric. I will be making skirts for both my daughter and I. :-) Total cost $4.00.

C and I at a LEGO building class
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Michelle - Blessed Mom of 4 said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! I love the dress/skirt remakes!

Chari said...

The flu is NOT fun :-(

Great clothing finds!

HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks Michelle! Now my daughter has a fever. :-( I hope this ends soon!

Chari- Thanks, I am having fun transforming these pieces. Thanks for the sewing inspiration! These skirts/dresses have been sitting in my sewing desk for MONTHS!

Sarah J. said...

Poor babies! :o( Get well soon!

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