Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365- Week 10

Sorry for the quiet week everyone! My kids started swim lessons this week and besides that we have had something going on everyday. March is a busy month- besides swimming twice a week we also have our daughter's birthday, St. Patrick's dinner at our house, all the school state testing for C (which is 6 days long), piano lessons, tutoring, then they start art classes, etc. etc. Busy! Busy! I look forward to summer break!

Baby J likes to tote around his pacifiers. He takes turns sucking on each one. Funny guy!

My daughter's swim class (she is the last one on the right).
Can you believe her teacher is only 17???? Crazy!

C's class doing their kicks

Prairie Girls

Potty Time!
We're not making much progress, but he did go once this week! Woo-Hoo!

His big brother likes to read him the "Once Upon A Potty" book while he sits. E loves it and cracks up every time! C is such a good big brother. By the way, C made me cut him out of the picture because he was in his PJ's here. Haha!

Way to go!

The weather was beautiful this weekend! Our family went for a long walk and stopped off for ice cream cones at a gas station. We also picked up a movie for the kids. Gotta love Redbox!

Little E enjoying him ice cream

Whoa, what a mess!!
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Sarah J. said...

I started teaching swim lessons at age 15 at our local YMCA. Red Cross instructors have to be 18 to get certified. When I'm not teaching swimming lessons, I really miss it. I think it must be a chlorine addiction! ;o)
We have been working on potty training too. Some days are better than others!
That's hilarious that J carries around an extra paci. I guess when it isn't attached like E's, he doesn't want to be without. lol I love the ice cream picture!

lnevans said...

I'm a new GFC follower! And I just joined the blogging world (literally - this weekend... I'm still figuring it all out!) and I would love if you could follow me back! Thanks!

Lacie @

Debbie said...

Great Picts:) Miss ya all:)

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