Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365- Week 10

Well, I am a day late at posting this and didn't take a picture everyday. There are multiples of some days because we had a birthday in the house this past week and some were too cute not to share! :-) I guess this should technically be called Project 52 since it is more weekly pictures then daily. Oh well!

Trip to the Dentist

Our daughter's 9th Birthday!
We do parties every other year now. This was her off year, but we still made her day special. We had omelets for breakfast, walked to the park to play, had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, presents, dinner at a pizza place and then went to see "The Muppet Movie" at an old historic theater downtown. Loads of fun!

The ice cream cake. It was yummy but their decorating job stunk!

Reading her card from mom and dad :-)

Trying out her new scooter!

My daughter is NOT a picky eater. She actually chose the pizza with chicken, artichoke hearts, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, etc. I was glad for that! It was wonderful! The picky boys got Hawaiian Calzones instead.

The gang, minus my husband. That is my dad next to me.

Waiting for the movie to start

Smiling with his plug intact. J, you are a hoot!

I had ordered my daughter several doll outfits for her birthday, but they came a few days late. She was thrilled!

You know you have boys in your house when you have little Darth Vaders running around!

Hey, where ya going with my light saber!!

Take that!

Another shot of our skirts

Purim Party at our friend's house
For those of you who do not know what Purim is, it is the celebration of Esther (from the Bible) saving the her people the Jews. Typically is it a Jewish holiday, but as believers we think it's a worthy event to celebrate as well! :-) The kids dress up as kings and queens and the story of Esther is told. The children boo and clang on pots when Haman is mentioned, cheer when Esther and Mordicai are mentioned. It's a lot of fun. This was our 3rd time celebrating the holiday.
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Chari said...

I love the darth vader picture!!

Sarah J. said...

Happy belated birthday, I! :o)
I would love to see Muppet Movie in the theater! I haven't seen it in years. Tate has pulled out my records and we have listened to the soundtrack several times.
Your dad looks really excited. lol

HappilyDomestic said...


It was fun! My kids love Muppets. So, you actually have a record player? cool.
About my dad...he's a grumpy old man what can I say??? Haha!

CJR said...

Lovely photos! Happy birthday L! I'm so bad that I have gotten off the 365 project, bad me! Another little tidbit.... I can't wait to have a boy!
CJR @ The Mommy Blog

Annie said...

Celebrating Purim is such a good idea! I have not met anyone that does this and now I wonder why not. Thanks Beth for telling me about it, I am going to share the story of Esther with Lizzie. She is at that "princess" stage and I want to tell her about the most beautiful queen of all, because of her lovely character!

*Michigan Momma* said...

I've been thinking about taking a year and observing the Jewish feasts/celebrations. What a great way to remember and learn about our history and what God has done for us throughout the years!!

Looks like a great Purim celebration!

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