Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project 365- Week 12

Another busy week! My 10 year old had CSAP testing again all week, the kids started art lessons, had their regular piano lessons, and swimming. This also means I drove around like a taxi driver all week. I am thankful the testing is over and look forward to having a more mellow week this week.

Here are my photos from this past week:

Sunday 3.27.11
I just love when I catch my kids doing stuff like this! So cute!

Monday 3.28.11
Made some Hummus in my food processor. Turned out yummy!

Tuesday 3.29.11
C & I at art class. They are taking a 4 week course on Decoupage and Collage.

Wednesday 3. 30. 11
While C was at his testing, I took my other 3 children to Barnes and Noble story time again. While we waited for it to start, E and J had fun playing at the Thomas Train table. E calls Thomas "Tye, Tye" for some reason. :-)

I love my boys, they are so precious!

Friday 4.1.11
After dinner my husband and I picked up sticks in the front yard and the kids played. It was nice, sunny and warm and they had a great time. Baby J had great fun with his big brother! He loves going fast in their police car.

Sunday 4.3.11
Forgot pictures on Saturday, but took several today. We had a busy day! We are finally starting the project of moving the boys into the master bedroom. Today my husband & I moved out all our things into the living room. He sprayed water all over the ceiling and scrapped all the old popcorn ceiling off. It made quite a mess too! I went behind him with the shop vac and cleaned. We are also tearing out the base boards and adding new ones. My husband will be re-texturing the ceilings, putting in a new ceiling fan, installing a closet organizer and we will of course be painting the whole room as well. The boys will have an outer space room when all is done.

These are the before pictures.

C loves to read Family Fun magazine. He saw an idea in there to make cars out of boxes to create your own drive in movie at home. We only had 1 box and a basket so he made them for his baby brothers, but he was just as excited for them! He also wanted to make "Hotdogs on Wheels" for their dinner, so we did. :-) Pretty cute, huh?

I must say, seeing my kiddos enjoying themselves like this made me so happy! They are so stinkin adorable!

They were watching "Chicken Little" by the way

Little E in his "car"
It did have wheels, but J took off with them.
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Debbie said...

Cute picts thanks for sharing, miss all of you guys:)Love, Debbie:)

Jodi Faye said...

Can you pass on your hummus recipe ;)

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