Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home Projects- Making Progress!

Remember last month when I shared with you how my husband and I are moving all 3 boys into the master bedroom? I shared the before picture (below). Well, I am happy to announce we are making progress! My husband scrapped off all the old yucky acoustic ceiling (which made a HUGE mess) and re-textured, hung new blinds, put up new baseboards, and we both painted. The whole room is a grayish blue color including the ceiling. Now all is left is the closet organizer and moving the boys in! Oh, and the 2 headed fan needs new blades. As you can see from the picture the blades are missing. We had stored the fan in the shed and they all broke! We are still trying to locate replacements as this model has been discontinued.


Almost done!

As soon as we move the boys into their new room, we will be working on our room. Our new room will be the boys old 10x10 room. Not much space, but we are determined to make it work! I have been trying to decide how to decorate. I have no clue what color to paint and need to buy a new comforter set. Heck, forget the comforter set we need a whole new bed! My husband and I have had the same mattress set for almost 13 years now. It was given to us by my sister when we were married and was already a few years old. It is so uncomfortable and I am always getting a horrible nights rest because of it (esp. when I am pregnant). Looking for a new mattress set is so nerve racking though. Which should we choose? Will we like it? What if we invest over a thousand dollars and end up hating it! I guess I will have to do a little online research to help me find the right mattress. Until then, we must finish these projects! I will continue to keep you updated.
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Southern Belle said...

The room is looking great! I love the color. What a pretty shade of blue.

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