Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Special Thank You from Lori Morgan!

If you are a regular at my blog, you know all about the recent Silent Auction I hosted here last week for my good friend Lori. Lori's husband died of cancer less than 1 month ago. You can read her story here. Lori asked me to share a note of thanks she wrote for you all. I hope that you will take the time to read this.


Dear Friends,

Anyone who knows me well, can tell you easily that I am never at a loss for words. I think sometimes they wish I were! This is one of those times when I am. For the last few days I have gone over and over in my head a way to say thank you to everyone. Nothing feels right or seems to impart my deepest gratitude. But, I want to try.

Just when you think you have a grip on your emotions, or that you can manage the grief, something triggers every single memory you possess of the one you love most. It brings you right back again to the rawness of it all. I miss my Dayne so much. It was hard to see him struggle in his life and with cancer, but he fought hard. I am proud to have been his wife. It has been a struggle for all of us, in every way. My husband was a hard worker and like many people felt the strain of the economy and was laid off. He decided to not keep his insurance...little did we know. Your gifts are more a blessing than you can know. Now, I would like to offer one in return.

To those of you that are hurting, grieving, fearful, lonely...the list goes on. Can I tell you that God's grace is sufficient. If you don't know that for yourself, and your wondering how you can manage to go on. Or maybe you're tired of just mucking through...He is your answer. I promise. Blessing and double blessings on all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lori Morgan
Hannah, Sophia and Abby (our dog)
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Chari said...

What a wonderful note! Gave me chills and tears at the same time. Continuing to pray for her and her daughters!

Me and Mine in a Small Town said...

I agree with Chari... this brought tears to my eyes. Please give her and her babies hugs from us and remind them that they are in my prayers as well. I won't forget them ever thank you for sharing your friend with us and for helping them as much as you could as well. ((hugs))


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