Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Yard Sale Steals!

Every once in awhile I hit up a super good yard sale and have to brag about my bargains! Last weekend I got all these clothes for $20!!! Now, the picture does NOT do it justice. I should have taken pictures of the outfits in groups so you could see them better. Too late now. Oh, and if you are wondering why we have a bed in our family room, it is because my husband and I have to sleep in there until we are done with our bedroom projects.

Here is what you are looking at:

3 Girl Preemie Outfits
4 Girl Shorts
8 Girl Long Pant Outfits
8 Girl Dresses
5 Girl Pants
9 Long Sleeve Girl Shirts
8 Short Sleeve Girl Shirts
11 Girl Summer Jumpers
6 Girl Onesies
10 Girl Sleepers
(These are all baby girl clothes. No,we do not have a baby girl...but are hoping for one!)

2 Gymboree Boy Blankets
(excellent condition. I am pretty sure these are around $20 each new)
1 pair Baby Gap Tennis Shoes
1 boy Bib
5 pair Boys Socks
3 Boy Pants
7 Pair Boy Pajamas (4 pair from Gymboree)
2 Pair Boys Shorts
3 Boy Pant Outfits
6 Long Sleeve Boy Shirts
9 Boys Long Sleeve Shirts
(These are all toddler boy sizes)

4 Long Sleeve Maternity Tops
1 Maternity Dress
Shopping Cart Cover with Matching Blanket

Very cool, huh??? Everything was in great shape and most of the baby clothes were either from Gymboree, Gap, or Carters. I love when I find these types of deals!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Sarah J. said...

Holy Cow!! With all those baby girl clothes, I was hoping I hadn't missed an announcement post. :o) I go to garage sales almost every Saturday during the spring and summer, but it has been a long time since I have gotten a deal that great!

AEK said...

Love those good deals! You did great!
Thanks for the linky too!

Terra H. said...

I haven't been to a yard sale since last year, but I'm feeling the urge. You got a lot of items at a low price. Very good deal!

Me and Mine in a Small Town said...


HappilyDomestic said...

No announcement...just getting prepared. lol ;-)

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