Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Big Boy Bed!

Little E is finally in a toddler bed!!! I know, he probably should have been in one a year ago but he is so tiny it worked to have him in a crib. He loves his new "Big Boy Bed". He actually has been doing real good about staying in bed when he is suppose to. He will even take a nap in his bed without getting up (something my other 2 children NEVER could do). My little man in growing up! By the way- the boys room is finally finished and they are all moved in. I will take pictures of the room once I get the curtains hung and a few finishing touches added. They have been enjoying sharing a room together.

Sorry for the dark pictures, they are un-edited as I had to load them on our notebook computer.

First night in big boy bed

So cute!

Well, sometimes he doesn't exactly stay in bed. ;-)

Oh, and I had to share this one. This was taken a few days before he got his new bed. E and J were trying to kiss each other goodnight from their beds!!! Haha!! Silly boys!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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Sarah J. said...

So adorable! The last is my favorite. E next to his bed is pretty sweet too. I love the painting.

Our Family Is His said...

LOVE IT. My younger son had that toddler bed set as well. He still has his bobot bank (robot blanket).

Chari said...

The kissing picture is so cute!!

Melissa said...

Cute! I"m so glad my toddler is not the only one who sleeps on the floor!

AEK said...

I adore that last picture! Will be fun to show them when
they are teenagers!

Our Family Is His said...

Melissa, not by far. My oldest son used to do it as well. One time I went to get him in the morning and he was all the way against the door. I couldn't get it open without shoving him with the door as I did.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

That last photo got my heart! Too, cute!

*MeandMineinaSmallTown said...

OMGoodness!! I just love the last two pics!! ESPECIALLY the kissing pic! Too stinkin cute!

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