Friday, July 29, 2011

Cooking While Camping Made Easy- Kelty Basecamp Kitchen Review!

Camping with my family has always been enjoyable, but to be honest after about 1 night I am ready to go home. The main reason is because we have not had the proper gear to make camping comfortable. Little by little we have added to our supplies and each year camping has become more enjoyable! There are so many awesome camping essentials out there. Some are a MUST HAVE for an enjoyable camping experience!

One of these items is the Kelty Basecamp Kitchen. Propping your camp stove on a card table does not have the same appeal as having a well organized kitchen area for your camp cooking. It offers the cook the delight of kitchen function while satisfying the hunger for outdoor experience. The Basecamp Kitchen has plenty of room for food preparation as well as storage. Camping does not mean you have to leave comfort or ease at home with this camping essential.

Kelty Basecamp Kitchen with Binto Storage Bins

The BaseCamp Kitchen comes with a zipped carrying case for storage and transport!

Easy assembly. The storage compartments can remain attached and be folded up with the camp kitchen when put away. Very convenient! The overall kitchen is lightweight and sturdy being made of durable aluminum construction.

There are many handy features that help you stay organized.

Here are a few:

Attached hooks for holding your cooking utensils.

Zipped storage compartment to help keep your dishes, food, and misc. protected from critters! Smart design!

Mesh holder for spices. There is a storage shelf located directly behind this and we used it for storing our mixing bowls.

Removable windscreen to protect your stove and for more efficient cooking. 2 large table top areas for food prep, dish washing, and more storage.

As you can see from this picture the Basecamp Kitchen is properly sized. My husband is 5 foot 8 inches tall and he did not have to bend down to cook.

Using the Kelty Basecamp Kitchen will make your camping experience less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable. No complaints from this mama, I am thoroughly impressed! You can purchase the BaseCamp Kitchen for $159 directly from Kelty or at any of their retailers here.

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Thank you to Kelty who provided me with the Basecamp Kitchen free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review.
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