Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mr. C's 11th Birthday- Pirate Party!

My son C turned 11 on July 6th. We had a Pirate Party for him at our home on the 10th. We had 18 kids here. It was wild and crazy, but they all had a great time! I wanted to share some of the pictures from the party before Fluff Fest starts. Here they are....

The party table- Got most of the decorations from the dollar store. It worked out great!

My kids and I made these cupcakes

We had this cake made and then added a Pirates of the Caribbean Lego set to the top.
It turned out perfect!

We set up the Pirate Water Table for the little guys and decorated the fence by the play area with pirate flags.

When the kids arrived they played in the water for awhile and then we started games. Here they are searching for gold coins in the sandbox. It was a lot harder then we thought!

Boys digging for treasure!

We had a pirate pool

Tramp to play on and added blow up swords for "sword fighting".

The shark slide of course!

And yummy nachos and watermelon for snacking

Then we did the pinata! My son and daughter made this one all by themselves.
It is a gold lego brick!


Gifts- mostly legos!

Who's that adorable baby boy in the cute pirate shirt???? ;-)

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Sarah J. said...

Looks like fun! Baby J is pretty adorable in his pirate shirt! :)

SondraMama said...

that looks like a kickin' party! my son would LOVE that party! thats totally up his alley.

HappilyDomestic said...

Sarah- E and J had matching pirate shirts and swim trunks! I like to dress them like twins. :-)

Sondra- It was ;-) I had been planning it for months.

Chari said...

What a cute party! Great job putting it together!

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