Thursday, July 14, 2011

Using Charts for Summer Education

I wanted to share with you today how I am encouraging my children to stay on track with their studies this summer. We are a "school year round" kinda family I guess you would say. We don't do our full load of book work during the summer, but we do a few things. And we throw in lots of science, homemaking skills such as gardening, canning, and sewing, and physical education. During the summer I also allow myself a break from the task of writing a formal lesson plan for each child. I opt to use a notebook to record what we do each day instead of placing lots of pressure on us to do certain things.

I also want to make school seem more fun in the summer time to break it up for the children. So, this summer I am using charts. I made a chart for each child for the things that I want them to do each day. Right now we are focusing on reading and then piano for the older girls.

With the completion of the chart the children are awarded. It is always a family activity. Sometimes we go out to ice cream, other times it is a trip to a special park. It doesn't have to be big or cost a lot of money, just something for the children to look forward to. Like I said, during the "school year" they are required to do their school work with a good attitude in a timely fashion and in a neat manner. And this is done without "compensation". This is their job and they are expected to do it and do it well. But in the summer, it shakes things up a bit to offer the reward. Keeps us practicing skills while enjoying it.

These are simple charts made in Word with only the days of the week at the top. It was easy to change
the title at the bottom and now they will work for anything.

Do you "school" year round or totally break for summer? How do you motivate your children to keep in practice over the summer and yet keep it fun? I'm always looking for more ideas!

Post written by Happily Domestic contributor, Amanda Sikes
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Vicki said...

This year we took a month long break for summer. We started back up July 1st with a light schedule. Nothing stressful or crazy, more or less a time of review & getting my new kindergartener used to how this school thing works. :)

Cantina Camp said...

I have enjoyed checking out your blog! :) We are a homeschooling family also. We only school 4 days a week during the school year and then do two days a week during the summer. We do take a full week off for VBS and Kids Camp. That helps us stay saine around here! :)

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