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Cloth Diaper Lingo

Do you have cloth diapering questions? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the special words and the lingo?

I have talked with lots of people about cloth diapers. I know one frustration of many new cloth diapering parents is the “Lingo” that the cloth diapering community uses. There is nothing worse than trying to find information just to have it all in a secret code!

Here is your Lingo 101 crash course:

  • CD: CD stands for Cloth Diapers. So we have CD’ers and CD’ing= cloth diaper-ers and cloth diaper-ing.
  • Stash: a stash is the collection of cloth diapers that a person has. Some stashes are small and just fill the needs of the family, and some stashes are literally a collection of cloth diapers.
  • Closures: the way a diaper is done up to stay on baby, types include: snap, velcro, pin, snappie, or wrap style cover.
  • OS: One Size diaper or cover; made to fit all sizes of kids from birth to potty training
  • AIO: All in one diaper; these are a diaper and cover in one, with snap or velcro closures.
  • AI2: All in two diaper; these are a diaper and cover with and insert added in, with snap or velcro closures.
  • Pocket: a diaper that is a shell with a pocket that you stuff with an absorbent insert, with snap or velcro closures.
  • Fitted: an absorbent, breathable diaper that needs a cover, with snap, velcro or pin closures.
  • Flat: a flat square of absorbent fabric that you can fold into a diaper, requires pins or some other method of closure.
  • Prefold: a flat diaper that has been “pre-folded” and sewn so the middle is more absorbent, requires pins or other method of closure. The generic prefolds you buy in the store are not very absorbent, but in a pinch you could use a couple of them together and make up a diaper.
  • CPF: Chinese prefolds; this is just a different style of prefold. These are a heavier-duty prefold, but as a result they are a little stiffer and rougher than a cotton prefold.
  • IPF: Indian prefold; this is another style of prefold. For absorbency, these rate somewhere in between a cotton prefold and a CPF. They are softer than a CPF, but not as soft as a cotton prefold.
  • DSQ: Diaper-Service-Quality, used mostly when talking about prefolds.
  • Contour diaper: a prefold that has been sewn into a contoured shape to fit more easily without all the folding, requires pins or other method of closure.
  • Covers: a covering for a fitted, contoured, flat or prefold diaper that is usually fleece, PUL (polyurethane laminate: waterproof fabric) or wool.
  • Wrap: style of cover that wraps around the baby like the diaper holding the diaper in place, has either snap or velcro closure.
  • Soaker and longies: Pull up covers usually fleece or wool, longies are pant style covers.
  • Insert or Booster: more absorbency layers you can simply add to the diaper.
  • WAHM: Work At Home Mom
  • Sposies: Disposable Diapers
  • OBV: organic bamboo velour
  • OCV: organic cotton velour
  • NB: newborn
  • Stripping: this is when you have detergent buildup in your diapers and you must run multiple hot rinses until the bubbles are gone
  • TTO: tea tree oil- this is anti bacterial and will help kill the ammonia smell in your diapers.
  • Diaper Sprayer: a sprayer you attach to your toilet to spray off your diapers.
  • Etsy: an online mall for handmade and vintage items (

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